U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1958 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Deployment to the Mediterranean - February to August 1958

The "Brass"

Our Officers

The Divisions

The Radar Gang

Our Radioman and Electronics Technicians

The Signal Gang and the Ship's Office Crew

Supply Office and Ship's Service Crew

The Cooks, Stewards and the Corpsman

The Boatswains of 1st Division

The Deck Force 2nd Division

The 5" and 3" Gunners

The Fire Controlman and the Torpedo Gang

The Sonarman and Quartermasters

The Engineering gang from the Forward Fire Room and Forward Engine Room


The guys from the After Fire Room and the After Engine Room

"A" Gang and the Pipe Fitters

The Interior Communications Team and the Electricians

The photo history of our deployment

The front cover of our Cruise Book

Introduction and foreword


Some highlights and all the places we visited - Page 1 2

A profile of the Sumner as she appeared in 1958 (note: this is two pages merged into one)

Highlights of Pollensa, Mallorca

Highlights of Genoa

Highlights of Palma


A welcome to Athens from Piraeus

The Parthenon and Athens


Mersin, Rhodes and Izmir


The Change of Command Ceremony for Captain Beers and Captain Oller - Page 1 2


Barcelona and the Ship's Party - Page 1 2

Bull fights in Valencia

Another stretch in Palma

Suda Bay, Crete

It's on to Salonika, Greece

This time we get to see the Rock

Slouch Day on our way home


Scenes from everyday life on the Sumner - Page 1 2 3


The Ship's Company and where they are from - Page 1 2

The Calendar of Ports we visited

Sumner Sailors at their favorite Watering Hole

A Sincere Thank You to Gordon Headley who let us borrow his Cruise Book for scanning