U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1959 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Deployment to the Mediterranean and Middle East - February to August 1959. The Squadron produced a cruise book with all members in one volume.  The following includes highlights of the book which relate to the Sumner.

The "Brass"

ComDesRon 16 - Captain Charles W. Travis

ComDesDiv 162 - Captain W. R. Glennon

Captain Oller on one of the Squadron Skippers pages

Sumner's history up through 1958.

Introduction to the Sumner pages

The "XO" LCDR J. M. Ellis

The Divisions

1st Division

2nd Division

3rd Division

O Division

C Division

M Division

R Division

S Division

The photo history of our deployment

Why we were there. . . 

Duties of a Destroyer


Pier Activities


Cast off lines


Atlantic Crossing

Ports in March

Foreign Merchandise

Foreign money, before the advent of the Euro

April Ports

Palma, Mallorca


Summer Ports

A Sincere Thank You to Charles "Ed" Williams who let us borrow his Cruise Book for scanning