U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1962 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Deployment to the Mediterranean - March to October 1962

Divisional pictures


1st Division Bosun's the Deck Gang - Page 1 2

2nd Division Gunners and Fire Control Techs

3rd Division Sonar and Torpedo Gang


C Division Yeoman, Radiomen, Corpsman, Personnelmen, Signalmen, Postal Clerks and Quartermasters- Page 1 2


M Division Machinist Mates & Boiler Techs - Page 1 2 3


O Division Electronics Techs and Radarmen - Page 1 2


R Division Electricians, Ship Fitters, Machinery Repairmen, Damage Controlmen, Interior Communications Techs, Machinist Mates and Enginemen - Page 1 2


S Division Storekeepers, Ship's Servicemen, Commissarymen, Disbursing Clerks and Stewards - Page 1 2

Memories of the Deployment

In Memorium - Charles Edward Aubert, GM2

The United States Sixth Fleet

 Honor Guard and Ship's Mascot


Underway from Mayport and Refueling at sea

Stromboli/Straights of Messina/The Roost and Basketball

Verea/Edessa/Pella and Narousa

Kavalla and the ruins of Philipi

Kavalla and the Orphan Party

Party aboard for the Orphans

Small arms and General Quarters practice

At sea exercise and Valetta, Malta

Ancient temples and HMS Broadsword Tug-of-War

Underway Replenishment and taking it easy

La Spezia and lookin' pretty

Frogmen and recovering a downed drone


Civitivecchia/taking it easy/a little baseball

The Forum, Coliseum and Circus Maximus

Shangri-La Seranade and Drydock in Toulon

Drydocked and cultivating the Hedge Hogs

Cannes and several new Strikers

More exercise and a few whirley birds

La Spezia and Divisional Rowing

Almost victorious and the Leaning Tower

The SUMNER Sluggers and the Tower is still leaning

Messina and the Saturday Night Fights

Hanging around the SUMNER and unrepin'

Swim call while some of us work

Looks like everybody is working, Cribbage!

Plane guard/bubbleheads/sun bathing

Taking on stores, what fun!

Golfe Juan and some hard days

Shipping Over


The Squadron Skippers

Where have we been?

A Sincere Thank You to Chuck Bigsby who let us borrow his Cruise Book for scanning