U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1964 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Midshipmen Cruise to Northern Europe - June to July 1964

The Brass

Commanding Officer, Commander Kirk C. Miller, Jr.

XO and the Department Heads

Our Guests


Midshipmen - Page 1 2

Divisional pictures


1st Division Bosun's the Deck Gang - Page 1 2


2nd Division GunGang - Page 1 2


3rd Division Sonar, Fire Control and Torpedo Gang - Page 1 2


C Division Yeoman, Personnelmen, Radiomen, Quartermasters, Corpsmen, Signalmen and Postal Clerks - Page 1 2


M Division Machinist Mates & Boiler Techs- Page 1 2


O Division Radarmen and Electronics Technicians - Page 1 2


R Division Damage Controlmen, Interior Communicationsmen, Machinery Repairmen, Electrician Mates, Enginemen, Machinist Mates and Ship Fitters - Page 1 2


S Division Storekeepers, Ship's Servicemen, Commissarymen, Disbursing Clerks and Stewards - Page 1 2

Scenes from the Deployment

Where we took the Midshipmen

The story of our trip

Our Officers hard at work?

Now lets see what the Chiefs are doing

Our Guests are really hard at work

More training and a little Liberty

This may be an "X" rated page

There's Middies everywhere !

Now we find out what the DASH deck was built for

We made it home!

The old 692 waiting in the fuel line

A Sincere Thank You to Chuck Morrell who let us borrow his Cruise Book for scanning