U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1965 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Deployment to the Mediterranean - October 1965 to March 1966

The Management

Commanding Officer, Commander Edward M. Baty and the XO Lieutenant Commander John R. Flower

Department Heads



The Chief's - Page 1 2

The Divisional Pictures


1st Division Bosun's the Deck Gang - Page 1 2


2nd Division Gunners and Fire Control Techs - Page 1 2


3rd Division Sonar and Torpedo Gang - Page 1 2


C Division Radiomen, Signalmen, Corpsman and Postal Clerks - Page 1 2


M Division Machinist Mates - Page 1 2 3

B Division Boiler Tech's


O Division Quartermasters, Yeomen, Personnelmen, Radar Technicians and Electronic Technicians - Page 1 2


R Division Electricians, Ship Fitters, Machinery Repairmen, Damage Control, Interior Communications, Machinist Mates and Enginemen - Page 1 2


S Division Storekeepers, Ship's Servicemen, Commissarymen, Disbursing Clerks and Stewards - Page 1 2

Scenes from the deployment and our life onboard

SUMNER - A Study in Pride

Man the rail and leave good old Mayport

The Cruel Sea - Our way of life

On station and as we relieve you
Map of our cruise part 1
Map of our cruise part 2
Highlights of Naples, Italy
Highlights of Marseille, France
Highlights of Sete, France
Visitor's day in Sete
Fueling at sea - a fun experience
More fueling at sea
Either Highlining or an amusement park ride
Bringing the mail by Helo
Highlights of Beirut, Lebanon
Sumner volunteers for Blood Drive
Highlights of Athens, Greece
Highlights of Taranto, Italy
Welcome back party for the XO
Highlights of Valetta, Malta
Orphan's party in Valetta
Sumner's 22nd Birthday Party
Poetry by Mrs. Katherine Williamson
in honor of the Allen M. Sumner
Highlights of Palma, Spain
Gibraltar and being Relieved
Welcome home to Mayport
WSUM and our disc jockies
Sumner's basketball champions
Commendations on a job Well Done!
A potpurri of life aboard - page 1
More potpurri of our daily life - page 2
Still more potpurri - page 3
Cruise Book Staff and cruise stats

A Sincere Thank You to Chuck Morrell who let us borrow his Cruise Book for scanning