U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1967 Cruise Book

This is the story of the USS Allen M. Sumner and her Deployment to the Republic of Vietnam - February to September 1967

The hardcover, please forgive the appearance as the book is 38 years old!

The Title Page

The history of the Sumner up to her departure for Vietnam

Her history page 1

Her history page 2

The "Brass"

Commanding Officer, Commander Percy Stuart Beaman

Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander William Belmont Moye, Jr.

The Department Heads

Divisional pictures taken outside the DASH hangar

1st Division Bosun's - Deck Gang   


2nd Division Gunners and Fire Control Techs  

3rd Division Sonar, DASH (Electronics Techs, Fire Control and Enginemen) and the Torpedo Gang 


B Division Boiler Techs


C Division Radiomen, Signalmen, Corpsman and Postal Clerks


M Division Machinist Mates 


N Division Quartermasters, Yeomen and Personnelmen

O Division Radarmen and Electronics Techs

R Division Electricians, Ship Fitters, Machinery Repairmen, Damage Control, Interior Communications, Machinist Mates and Enginemen 

S Division Storekeepers, Ship's Servicemen, Commissarymen, Disbursing Clerks and Stewards 

Life aboard the SUMNER

Ward Room/Bridge Wing/Flag Bag/LT Thompson/The VDS

Highlining/Hanging Around/Natrang/Officer Country

Maintenance/Everybody working/Spinelli making pancakes

Gregory makes Chief/Haleakala/NBC News

Captain having a party/Bigelow/Sea Dragon

Local DJ/ Everybody eating/More NBC/Captain Hitch Hiking

Everybody relaxing/Hong Kong's Mary Sue/Panama shots

A "Can Do" message from COMCRUDESGRP Seventh Fleet, Admiral Combs

Taiwan/CS3 Spinelli's reaction to his cooking/Training more DJ's

The Panama Canal transit - page 1

The Panama Canal Transit - page 2

Sumner Family Gram #1

Ship's Upkeep it never ends

A day in Hawaii - page 1

A day in Hawaii - page 2

Refueling which SUMNER did quite often on this cruise

More refueling - we told you we did it a bunch

Sumner Family Gram #2

A bit of relaxing - CS1 Stairs didn't save us a seat for the flick

SK2 Willshaw and GMG2 Brown shipping over

Sumner Family Gram #3

General views and the Supply Office Cruise Calendar

Empty powder cans/Fresh chow/HMAS Hobart/New gun barrels

Enterprise/8 o'clock reports/DASH/Quarterdeck/Up Front

Prayer/Quarterdeck Gang/Hanging Around

Sea Dragon Incoming !

More Cleanup/Spent Shell Casings/Chief Beasley's new lounge

Rescuing USAF 1stLT Randolph after he was shot down

Sea Dragon Units are HOT !

Third Division trying to get set for a Photo/CS1 O'Donnell leaves with Kidney Stone!

Refueling a whirlybird/Torpedo's on their way

The Torpedo gang and the Hedge Hog feeders/Cold Japan Quarterdeck

A little Liberty/A little chow/Sunning the Hedge Hogs

Rearming - a fun chore that we did frequently while on Sea Dragon


Posing for the camera while relaxing

ECM and Midship Torpedo deck/Highlining/Working Parties

Crossing the Equator Ceremony - Page 1

More Crossing the Equator Ceremony - Page 2

Even more Crossing the Equator Ceremony - Page 3

Still more Crossing the Equator Ceremony - Page 4

Highlining/Bosun's Chair/More Relaxing

C Division/Radio Room/Dry Dock/The Director

Sumner Family Gram #4

Long Beach/Refueling/The Guns/Solitude

Unit Citation from Vice Admiral Hyland, Commander SEVENTH Fleet