U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
1998 - Niagara Falls


Ceremonies aboard the USS Little Rock (CLG-4)

Scenes from the Banquet (groups: Cuba Crisis & Plank Owners)

The USS Sullivans

Now, Mess Gear !

And a little music

Dear Shipmates, Ladies & Friends,

If you ask any of the 86 reunion attendees, how the reunion went, most will tell you it was the best yet. Of course that's nothing new; that's what they always say! Regardless, we all had a great time. From start to finish, it was an action packed 3 days, with a farewell breakfast on the fourth day. One nice feature was the great location of the hotel. It was located in such a manner that you could easily walk to just about all the close by attractions. Being just a stone's throw from the Falls, many folks walked over to see it, walked across the bridge to the Canadian side, and even went to the casino. Didn't hear about anybody breaking the Bank of Canada, though. (Haw-haw). Thursday, we kicked off the registration at about 10A.M. Men received a real nice ceramic beer stein, and ladies received a navy blue tote bag with a picture of a sailor at the ships' wheel, and a picture of a ship in the background. There is a limited supply of both left. Check out the ships' store if you'd like to purchase either. The official opening was when we tapped the keg of beer, of course. SPECIAL THANKS TO ADOLPH COORS BREWERY, of Golden, CO., and Rich Little of the PR Dept., for their DONATION of 2 kegs of COORS beer! Their way of saying "Thank You Vets" for your contribution to keeping our Country free! I might add, Coors beer has been our official brew since our first reunion, and I have NEVER had a complaint about the brew. Next time you stop at the store to replenish your supply of liquid hops, remember our friends at Coors.

The rest of the day was our Hospitality room muster, and get acquainted/ re-acquainted bash. Of course we had our annual "Stuff your Face" contest; don't know who won, but I'm sure we all lost the battle of the bulge, as usual. Anyone who doesn't gain 10# at one of these shindigs, must have their jaws wired shut. (Editors note; I have to stop here to get a snack, and a mug of Coors. Be back in a few minutes). On Friday, 64 people took the optional tour, and had a great time, and a super buffet lunch. (Here we go again with the food). Friday evening was our Banquet, Award Ceremony, and Dance. Great food, drinks, & dancing to the sounds of my band, Shades of Yesteryear. Three more of our Plank owners received their Sumner Patriotic American Award. And a great time was had by all..

On Saturday, our Memorial Service on board Little Rock (CLG-4) was great. We had a welcome address by the Erie County Executive, Dennis Gorski.

Our guest speaker was LCDR Wayne P. Sorrentino USNR, who did a superb job. Sea Cadets, The Sullivans Unit, provided Color Guard and we had a Rifle team salute, and a bugler. Refreshments were served afterwards.

Our business meeting commenced at 1400. All officers were re-elected for another term.

As a special event for our 10th Annual reunion, we had a Country Nite at the hotel. As usual, plenty of food was in the hosp rm. We had Buffalo wings, pizza, and roast beef sandwiches, and salads. Country & Cajun Music was provided by Joe Galls' Luzianna Hot Sauce Band. Plenty of beverages were flowing, everything, including champagne. Our shipmates, and their ladies, really burned up the dance floor, to seal another great time at a Sumner reunion.

On Sunday morning Farewell Breakfast topped off another great reunion. "33"

Joe Gall