U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 2002 Reunion - Reunion 14
13-16 June, Unnamed Hotel, Mobile, Alabama


Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and Friends. YOU have done it again. You have made the Sumner reunion a phenomenal event- another GREAT, SUCCESSFUL time was had in Mobile, Alabama last June. We had a record turnout-160 attendees. I’ve said it before--- you are the U in reunion. Without U there would be no reunion. No matter who planned what, if U didn’t attend, it would be a flop. Well since we keep on growing, I guess that is a sign that y’all are having a great time, so we’ll keep on keeping on. I’d like to say a GREAT BIG ‘Thank You” to my wonderful family who are just super helpmates. Dottie, Tammy, Ashley, Joe Jr., Little Joe, and even Jeffrey helps out in little ways- take this to Papa, take this to Daddy, etc. And I can’t forget to thank that cadre of volunteers who jump right in to lend a hand every year. I won’t mention names for fear of forgetting someone; you know who you are, and so do the attendees. They see you pitching in there, and they “Thank You” too. No one can be a one person show where this reunion is concerned- it’s just too big and time consuming. So from the bottom of my heart I say- THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! I heard all kinds of great reports on the harbor tour. I would have liked to have gone, but I just had too many other things to do. Glad you all had a great time. The Banquet was super- great food, as usual. The award ceremony was a bright spot- recognizing our own & Thanking them for their contributions is always a nice touch. Our guest speaker, Rear Admiral Gureck, was just great- very interesting and informative. It was a pleasure having him & Mrs. Gureck with us. Once again Louis Monic & the Boudain Cajun Band from Baton Rouge did a great job. Joe Jr. and myself were part of that band this year, and enjoyed every minute of it. Little Joe sat in on the drums and did a great job. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The Saturday Memorial Ceremony on board USS Alabama was very touching as usual, despite the sound system glitch which was ultimately repaired by Joe Jr; as the kid who was in charge of it really didn’t know anything about it. Rear Admiral Gurney, our speaker, took it all in stride, and as an old tin can sailor, had a booming voice that did just fine without a microphone. What more can I say? The food was great, the camaraderie even better, and that’s a wrap on another reunion. Next year we’ll do it all over again. 

Joe Gall

Thursday, June 13th - Checking in, setting up & renewing old friendships

The topic of the day - Is this the Ramada or the Holiday Inn?  Answer - I have no idea and neither does anybody else!
Breaking in the Hospitality Suite - a Sumner art form
Memories of DesDiv 72 - The "old girl" is alive again!
The infamous "Pineapple Conspiracy" continues!

Friday morning, June 14th - At sea on the Cotton Blossom

It may not be the Sumner, but we are back at sea!

Friday evening, June 14th - The Banquet

Good Food and Friendship
Our Hosts Wayne and Wilma Fisher

Carla and Kelly were required to have a Chaperon this year!

Our keynote speaker, Rear Admiral William A. Gureck, former Blue Angel and CO of the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67)

Captain "Jack" Smith, one of our own, addresses the crew Captain Laighton puts us on the "right course" Coors Brewing accepts our gratitude for many a "brew" The "Chief" warning us that the Doctor is about to have at us!
Doc announces it is time to update our "shot records" Colonel Randolph finally receives his leather flight jacket, only 35 years late! The World War II gang Admiral Gureck presents the Patriotic American Medals to Lloyd Swords, L C Beaver and Philip Arneson

Our Cuban Missile Crisis shipmates receive their Welcome Home

The Boys in Blue
and a bit of Green

The local "Mortician"

Dale discussing his future with the Career Counselor

Welcome Home to our Vietnam shipmates
The Chief keeps us up to date The only known photo of Bobby not smiling! Where did the soldier come from?

The President trying to get another round of ice cream from the Colonel

Sharkbait 6

Ding-Ding, Ding-Ding Kennedy Arriving
Since Joe didn't have anything else planned, he entertained us the rest of the evening

Saturday, June 15th - The Memorial Service
aboard the USS Alabama (BB-60)

The crew gathers to honor those who still serve aboard the Allen M. Sumner and in our hearts

Captain Laighton addresses us Rear Admiral Gurney, a Tin Can Sailor, puts the modern Navy in perspective The President and the Admiral
The Roll Call of those who are no longer with us

The Color Guard presents Old Glory All assembled pass the wreath to Frank Castaldi to place in Mobile Bay Dan Coli recites "Legacy" in honor of our first crew


Our 1940's Veterans
Our 1950's Veterans
Our 1960's Veterans
Our 1970's Veterans
Before and After
Wandering the USS Alabama

Our BT gang in "Snipe Heaven"

A break for the Airedales

Our last night, good byes, farewells, a last drink and the traditional poker game

Many thanks to Dale "Mort" Surber, Bernie & Vickie Armstrong, "Duffy" Duffield, Pete & Mitzi Hart, Ron & Barbara Stairs, Walt Meierdierks, Kelly Brown, Maurice & Tricia Warren, Bobby Moore and Rick Foran who took the time and effort to document another great page in Sumner History. If you took photos at the reunion or want to share memories with us all, please send them to us so we can tell the whole story. I will let someone else write the report concerning one of our shipmates appearing in a rather attractive dress for the occasion!

Sailing List
Joe & Dottie Gall
Irv & Janet Williams
Roy & Edna Beasley
Charles & Aleta Walters
Frank & Patches Presfield
Bruce & Earlene Fulbright
Charles Blackburn
Hank & Rita Pelz
Keith & Lynne VanDoren
Jeff & Terry Clevenger
Bob & Theda Laighton
Carl & Jeanine Moorehead
Walt & Lorraine Meirdierks
Andrew "Holly" & Betty Hollingsworth
Roy Cougle
Dan Coli
Frank & Joan Castaldi
Hubert & Jewel Smith
Merlin "Punk" Fenelon & Marian Miller
Earle & Elizabeth Hedenberg
Bill & Imogene Holthaus
Richard, Elizabeth, & Pam Blunt
Tom & Carolyn Shell
Joe & Tammy, Ashley, Joey, & Jeff Gall
Jim & Betty Funck
Harold & Betty King
John & Judy Barry
Clayton Peterson
Ross & Clara Street
Richard & Norma Callihan
Bob & Karen Haderer
Bobby & Mary Moore
Larry & Kathy Sheppard
Jesse & Gladys Marney, & Stella Kincaid
Phil & Kathryn Arneson
Don & Shirley Moore
Robert H. "Bob" Smith
Jan TenHoeve
Glenn & Wanda Burdett
Larry & Dottie Conely
Ted & Kandy Cooper
Steve & Ruth Krajcik
Frank & Joan Nekrasz
Lloyd & Margaret Swords
Roy Varcoe
John Reader
Paul & Sarah Rando
J. D. Smith & Betty McKinney
Richard & MaryAnn Foran
Dale "Mort" Surber
Steve & Maureen Zingerman
Paul & Meryl Delasco
Maurice & Trish Warren
Pete & Rita Hart
H. Kelly & Carmen Brown III & Carla Cawlfield
David & Belinda Holland
Don & Diane Valentine
Paul & Lee Rosskamp
Wiley & Juanita, Wiley Jr & Mary Ann, Deedy  Boland
L C, Ron & Carolyn Beaver
Harold Jackson
Wayne & Wilma Fisher
Gordon & Elinor Headley
Jim Poston & Brenda Stanley
Jack & Shirley Cook
Jose & Faith Garcia
Ed & Mai Izzi
Billy Jack Gafford
Howard & Judy Good
Ron & Barbara Stairs
Charles McManus
Robert Duffield
Bernie Goodman & Patricia Lechler
Bernie & Vickie Armstrong
Vern & Carol Yielding
Billy & Carolyn Johnson
Ronnie Randolph
Henry H. Hoover Jr
Al & Mitzi Bergrud
Fred Willshaw