U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 2003 Reunion - Reunion 15
15-18 May - Holiday Inn I-95 & Jacksonville Airport

Bev & Colin Benporath traveled half way around the world
to join us from Western Australia representing their country and the HMAS Hobart!


Dear Shipmates, Ladies & Friends; Here we are in the midst of summer, and the '03 reunion is already a fond Memory. And what a time it was. Everyone had a memorable time and plenty of fun (to say nothing of GOOD FOOD). Camaraderie & good times are what reunions are all about, and NOBODY does reunions like Sumner reunions! Though nothing went as scheduled on Friday, it all turned out well, and a good time was had by all. The Memorial Ceremony was very moving, as always, and everyone had a great time on the USS Klakring tour. The banquet was excellent, as was the speaker, and the band did a great job. All in all, we had a super time. I could go on & on, but I would only be repeating myself. The gist of it is - WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!  - The Chief

Thursday, May 15, 2003 - Holiday Inn
Checking in and dreaming of what is to come.
Our Master-at-Arms, empowered and ready for action!

Friday, May 16, 2003 - The USS Klakring (FFG-42)
Mayport Naval Station, Mayport, Florida

"Okay, where's the bus?"
Now all we have to do is make it through security!

CDR Mark D. Genung, CO of the Klakring welcomes us for a tour of his ship which is tied up at the head of Berth D, our home so many years ago.

The gang on the pier after our tour thanks to ENS Jack Griffitts who is the PAO for the Klakring.

The gang trying to figure out how to stow-away!

We had lunch on the base at "Bo Hogs", an epicurean delight, owned and operated by none other than Sumner's very own Dan Barrs!

Dan hard at work, retired but still going strong! As always, Sumner sailors see food and it's "Katie Bar the Door!"

I don't know why Mort took this shot?

  "Bo Hogs" gave us a warm welcome.

The food is gone, what now?

Our Memorial Service was held at the Base Chapel on Mayport Naval Station, Florida

"Doc" opens the services Remember The Chaplain brought us a very moving sermon in honor of our fallen comrades.

The names of Sumner sailors who fell in World War II are read and the ceremonial bell rung.

The Memorial Wreath is passed as Eternal Father echoes through the Chapel.

Friday, May 16, 2003 - The Annual Banquet

Awards, achievements and great Sailors!
Barbara Stairs receives an award for all her behind the scenes work to make this reunion one for the record books.
Ron and Barbara Stair's daughters receive recognition for their efforts from President Boland. Lynn Langford McDaniel receives an award for ensuring that her dad, CSC Jack Langford, was able to attend. Colin Benporath receives an award for traveling 12,500 miles to the big party!
Colin votes the Sumner the second best ship he ever sailed upon. Bev invites us all to visit the land of the Kangaroo's. Colonel Randolph proudly wearing his Sumner flight jacket. New members are inducted into the Order of Operation Sea Dragon.
Presentation is made to new members of the Order of the Cuban Crisis. The Korean War veterans are proudly acknowledged as Bill Wunderlin assumes his normal pose. 
The World War II vets assemble as Troy Madison receives his Patriotic American award.
The "Final" crew receive our appreciation. We salute all those who made this their first reunion.
Joe and Wiley keep us on the straight and narrow, well maybe laughing anyway.
Dan Coli brings the crowd to their feet with his poetic talents The "first timers" get another ovation What in the world is that thing on the tail of those planes?
Our speaker LTJG Pierpont from the Navy League
The Chief dreaming of all the lobster at reunion 16 !!!
Somebody finally gets away with giving Doc "The Bird!"
Saturday, May 17 - Tour of St. Augustine
Some of the gang take the opportunity to practice their "Snipe" Practical Factors!
Saturday, May 17 - The Class photos
(note that many of the gang were engaged in other activities during the shoot)
All right, everybody look at the BT and smile!
The 1940's crew The 1950's crew The 1960's crew The 1970's crew
The real "working" crew who made it all come together!
The Silent Auction, a money maker for the Association and some great memory items for your home
Everyday - relaxing in the hospitality suite and the smoking lounge
And a big Happy Birthday to Juanita!
Many of the World's problems were solved with our in-depth discussions......

Sailing List

Joe & Dottie Gall (EM3 61-63)
Arthur & Naomi Jewett (BT2 57-60)
Richard & Elizabeth Blunt (EM2c 44-45)
Bruce & Earlene Fulbright (SN 60-64)
John & Judy Barry (DC2 65-69)
Harold & Betty King (MMC 65)
Walt & Lorraine Meierdierks (FN 49-53)
Hank & Rita Pelz (BTC 63-67)
Keith & Lynn Van Doren (BT1 52-56)
Charles & Aleta Walters (MM2 61)
Frank & Johanna Nekrasz (SO1 50-54)
Shirley Payne (Al's wife S2c 45-47)
Dave & Lee Robson (SH3 66-70)

Earle & Liz Hedenberg (EM1 68-71)
Len & Sue Novak (IC3 57-60)
Norm & Pam Charette (CS3 51-54)
Frank & Joan Castaldi (S1c 44-46)
Roy Cougle (QM2 46-49)
Richard & Maryann Foran (MR2 58-60)
Kenneth & Nancy Pennington (RM2 55-58)
Colin & Bev Benporath (CPO/RAN 67)
Vinnie Sodano & Elizabeth Mazurek (WT2c 44-46)
Carl & Jeanine Moorehead (TM3 51-54)
Bobby & Mary Moore (MMC 61-70)
Maurice & Tricia Warren (EN3 66-68)
Roy & Edna Beasley (S1c 44-46)
Larry & Dottie Conely (TM2 61-63)
Bob & Karen Haderer (BT2 63-68)
Harold Jackson (MM2 51-55)
Ashby & Glenn Jones (MME3c 44-45 Banquet only)
Chuck & Jo Lynn Kaake (MM2 66-68)
Mitchell & Margaret Malpass (MM2 63-67)
Bill & Beth Otrz (QM3 70-72)
Richard & Lyn Ritter (RM2 71-72)
Bill Wunderlin (EM2 52-55)
"Punk" Fenelon & Marian Miller (SM3c 45-46)
Dan Coli (SA 66-69)
Tony Cowart (BM1 61-69)
Al & Mitzi Bergrud (STG3 63-66)
Loren & Kathy Kesty (EM2 64-67)
Bruno & Joan Caneva (RD3 50-53)
Dale "Mort" Surber (EN2 68-71)
Eric & Shirley Bollin (EM3 66-68)
Andrew & Betty Hollingsworth (SM2 65-66)
Pete & Rita Hart (BT3 65-67)
Ed Williams (MM3 58-61)
Wayne & Wilma Fisher (MM2 59-62)
Frank & Connie DiBello (RM3 66-68)
Lloyd & Margaret Swords (MM2c 44-46)
Wiley & Juanita, Deedy, Wiley Jr & Mary Ann, Chuck & Tricia Boland (HMC 65-67)
Ron & Barbara Stairs (CS1 66-70)
Bernie & Vicki Armstrong (FN 68-70)
Jack & Ann McCormack (FT3 56-57)
Chuck & Jan Morrell (LTJG 64-67)
Ted & Kandy Cooper (BT2 63-66)
Paul & Sarah Rando (STS3(SS) 65-66)
Tom Hoover (F1 46-47)
Glenn & Wanda Burdett (S2c 45-46)
Stan Border (SO2 51-53)
Joe & Joan Gaddy (MM3 61-64)
Jose & Faith Garcia (BT2 65-68)
John & Ann Garrick (SO3 50-52)
Jim Poston & Brenda Stanley (SOG2 61-63)
Steve & Maureen Zingerman (SN 69-71)
John Reader (SN 69-70)
Kelly & Carmen Brown, Carla Cawlfield (EM2 66-68)
Augustine Ladiero (TA 70-73)
Gary & Sally Vogel (YNT2 58-59)
Bob Duffield (FTG2 64-66)
John & Bobbyette Judd (TM3 50-54)
Gerald & Pam Williamson (FN 69-71)
Jack Langford & Lynn Langford McDaniel (CSC 51-54)
Billy & Carol Johnson (MR2 66-69)
Paul & Lee Rosskamp (BT3 68-71)
James & Glenda Gorman (MM3 65-67)
Dennis Greene (EM3 65-67)
Robert H. & Essie Smith (ETN1 56-58)
Ike Redmon (MM2 59-63)
Billy Jack Gafford (BT2 61-63)
Roger Whiting (RD2 65-67)
Jack & Shirley Cook (RM2 49-52)
Ronnie Randolph (1LT/USAF 67)
Charles McManus (Y2 46-47)
David & Belinda Holland (SK3 65-66)
Wallace Wilhoite (BT1 63-67)
Dan & Lynette Barrs (QM1 63-68)
Will & Mary Bolton (SM3 66-68)
Wes & Reigh Ritchie (MM3 59-63)
Estern & Beulah Ruble (HMC 46-48)
Clayton Peterson (EM2 62-63)
Fred Willshaw (SK1 67-69)

Many thanks to Dale "Mort" Surber, ENS Jack Griffitts, Tony Cowart, Billy & Carol Johnson, Pete & Rita  Hart, Colin & Bev Benporath and Bernie & Vickie Armstrong for taking and sharing these photos with us. If you have any that you would be willing to share, they would be most welcome.

That's a wrap!