U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 2005 Reunion - Reunion 17
27-30 October 2005 - Clarion Hotel at the Palace, Branson, Missouri

Sumner Crew lands in Branson - Takes town by storm -- "Operation Reunite," a rousing success. Mayor Lou Schaefer welcomes all!

Hello Shipmates, Ladies & friends. If you were not in Branson, SHAME ON YOU! You certainly missed a great time, from beginning to end; and Reunion 17 is now a memory and another chapter in Sumner history. We, (all 110 of us), had a great hotel, a great hospitality room, great banquet, great band, wonderful guest speaker - Hizzoner Lou Schaefer, Mayor of Branson. It was a super event in a long string of great Sumner reunions, and it is all because of U. The 3rd letter in reunion is U, without YOU, there would be no reunion. Talk to some of your shipmates, and plan on being there NEXT year in Seattle, WA. Time's a waistin -- don't wait til it's too late to get to a Sumner reunion, they are great events - a time to get acquainted, or re-acquainted. GET THERE WHILE YOU ARE ABLE.

                                            Joe Gall

Our Headquarters Hotel

The sights and sounds of Branson

Everyday - The Hospitality Suite

Saturday, October 29, 2005 - The Memorial Service

Saturday October 29, 2005 - The Banquet
Clarion Hotel at the Palace, Branson, Missouri

The Food is HERE !
Awards to our Outstanding Shipmates
presented by Captain Laighton
Glenn Taylor receives the Patriotic American Medal and
his Plank Owner Certificate
Our Acting President Jack McCormack brings us to Order and

The Honorable Lewis Schaefer, Mayor of Branson, gives the keynote address
Our new President, Dan Coli,
presents his tribute to the original crew
And the band played on!

Our Crews

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Operation Sea Dragon

Branson opened it's arms to some of us!

Our Secret Weapons

Many thanks to Dale Surber, Maurice Warren, Pete Hart, Don Hayden, Dave & Lee Robson and Walt Meierdierks for sharing their photos with us.

Sailing List

Joe & Dottie Gall (EM3 61-63)
Merlin Fenelon & Marian Miller (SM3c 45-46)
Bruce & Earlean Fulbright (SN 60-64)
Shirley Payne (Al's wife, S2c 45-47)
John Reader & Sue Claeys and Tanya Merritt (SN 69-70)
David & Lee Robson (SH3 66-70)
Barry & Rose Marie Rumac (FN 58-60)
Len & Phoebe Skowron (F1c(EM) 44-46)
Charles Blackburn with Terry & Mark Blackburn (SM2c 44-46)
Bob & Theda Laighton (CDR (CO) 70-71)
Gene & Vickie McManus (S1(SKD) 46-47)
Earl & Jan Taylor (TM3 66-69)
Bobby & Mary Moore (MMC 61-69)
Norm Charette & Joan Quinn w/Pamela Charette (CS3 51-54)
Dan Coli (SN 66-69)
Mel & Dorothy Hutt (FN 47-49)
Jack & Ann McCormack (FTA3 56-57)
John & Judy Barry (DC2 65-69)
Al & Ivy Jo Cook (RD3 62-63)
Harold "Hash" Jackson (MM2 51-55)
Walt & Lorraine Meierdierks (FN 49-53)
Dale Surber (EN2 68-71)
John & Sue Barrett (BT2 65-68)
Boyd & Ilean Searle w/Duane & Genevive Searle (FN 46-48)
Maurice & Trish Warren (EN3 66-68)
Tom & Carolyn Shell (ICFN 61-63)
Bob & Gloria Kelly (EM3 68-71)
Carl & Jeanine Moorehead (TM3 51-54)
Larry Conely (TM2 61-63)
Bill  & Jocelyn Juzwiakowski (TM3 61-63)
Ken & Nancy Pennington (EM3 59-63)
Bob & Karen Haderer (BT2 63-68)
Richard & Elizabeth Blunt with Granddaughter Pamela Hardy (EM2 44-45)
Bernie & Vickie Armstrong with Jim & Elaine Armstrong (FN 68-70)
Paul & Meryl Delasco  (IC2 61-63)
Bernie & John Goodman (MM3c 44-46)
Pete & Rita Hart (BT3 65-67)
Earle Hedenberg (EM1 68-71)
Jesse Marney with Stella Kincaid and Joe & Lynn Vonhamme (MM1c 44-46)
Frank & Patches Presfield (FTG3 66-69)
Vincent Sodano with Elizabeth Mazurek & Carmine Macarone (WT2c 44-46)
Glenn & Mahala w/Bruce & Patti Taylor and Jane Twilling (GM3c 44-46)
Keith & Lynn Van Doren (BT1 52-56)
Kelly Brown & Carla Cawlfield (EM2 66-68)
David & Belinda Holland (SK3 65-66)
Ronnie & Tommie Carol Randolph (1LT/USAF 67)
Eric Bollin (EM3 66-68)
Ron & Ricki Jovanovich (AN 68-69)
Don Hayden (TM3 61-62)
Doug & Julia Seal (FTG3 66-67)
R. G. Quadland (FA 49-52)
Danny & Elaine Lewis (BT3 68-71)
Ed & Joan Stephens (GMSN 62-64)
Billy & Carol Johnson (MR2 66-69)
Paul & Lee Rosskamp (BT3 68-71)
Charley McManus (Y2 46-47)
Wes & Reigh Ritchie (MM3 59-63)
Fred Willshaw (SK1 67-69)