U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 2006 Reunion - Reunion 18
7-10 September 2006 - Hotel Nexus, Seattle, Washington

Hello Shipmates, Ladies and Friends.

Time sure flies! Reunion 18 is already history, and reunion 19 is in the works. I am currently working on the Milwaukee bash and really looking forward to it.
From all reports, and the pictures on the website, y'all had a great time in Seattle; of course, when DIDN'T we have a great time at any Sumner reunion?
"Many Thanx" to Kelly, Carla, and the cadre of volunteers who helped make this a memorable event ---- and to those who attended; without YOU there would be no reunion -- the 3rd letter in reunion is U -- all of U.

Joe Gall

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Registration and the Hospitality Suite

Now Mess Gear ! Kelly kisses Nexus Representative Sarah for putting on a Beer Tasting party
John loved the local brew.........
OS2 Peter Pennock, a Navy Recruiter in Seattle, stopped by
He is the son of  our shipmate SK3 Robert Dale Pennock

Friday, September 8, 2006
The Harbor Tour

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - The Memorial Service
aboard the USS Turner Joy (DD-951)

Our outgoing President, Dan Coli, honors our shipmates who were killed in action
Our incoming President, Kelly Brown, addresses the crew Our Chaplain, Booby Moore, moves our thoughts to the heavens Bobby, Dan and Kelly remember our fallen shipmates

Passing the Memorial Wreath win honor and dignity

The Skipper and the Warrant Officer

Saturday, September 9, 2006 - The Banquet
Nexus Hotel, Seattle, Washington

Dan Coli Bruce & Earlean Fulbright
Sal & Rose Zaita Paul & Lee Rosskamp
Steve & Ruth Krajcik
Ron & Cheryl Adams
Don & Shirley Moore Tom & Karen Brown Bobby & Mary Moore
Terry & Kiyoko Conaway
Bob & Gloria Kelly Vincent Sodano & Elizabeth Mazurek John & Judy Barry
Larry Conely Richard Blunt
Pamela & Lisa Hardy
Paul & Meryl Delasco Gordon Headley
Dave & Lee Robson Charlie & Dicksie McManus Mitchell & Margaret Malpass
Charlie Sandberg
Kelly Brown & Carla Cawlfield
Boyd & Ilean Searle Jim Poston & Brenda Stanley Darrell & Shirley Sigmon
Stan Border Jeff & Terry Clevenger
Shirley Payne Bob & Theda Laighton
Irv & Janet Williams George Aichele Richard & Gladys Margoni Norm & Pamela Charette
Joan Quinn
Bob & Karen Haderer
Bob Kearns Jose & Faith Garcia Howard & Judy Good
Pete & Rita Hart

Dan presents Admiral Hering with a token of our appreciation  Captain Laighton receives his lifetime appointment as Captain and Skipper of our Association
Kelly receives well deserved recognition for all his efforts in our behalf Carla "Big Red" gets a Bravo Zulu from all her shipmates

Navy Region Southwest

Our guest speaker, Rear Admiral Leendert R. Hering, Sr., Commander Navy Region Southwest who brought us up to speed on today's Navy, it's ships and it's crews.  Amazingly, he has not aged a day since we spent part of reunion 2001 with then Captain Hering, Commander of San Diego Naval Base!

Admiral Hering with the father of the Navy, John Barry...... Dale and Kelly chat while Carla counts her winnings!  Admiral Hering asking Dave Robson who in the world is John Barry!
The Admiral thanks our Bus Driver, oh no! that's a Coastie!

Sunday, September 10, 2006 - Sunday, September 17, 2006
The optional Alaska Cruise aboard the Holland America Line MS Westerdam

Many thanks to George Aichele, Dave & Lee Robson, Dale "Mort" Surber, Pete & Rita Hart, Jim Poston & Brenda Stanley, Howard & Judy Good, Kelly Brown & Carla Cawlfield, Shirley Payne and Bob & Gloria Kelly for sharing their photos with us.

Reunion Sailing List

Tom & Karen Brown (GMG2 66-67)
Bruce & Earlean Fulbright (SN 60-64)
Bob & Karen Haderer (BT2 63-68)
Shirley Payne (Al's wife, S2c 45-47)
Norm Charette & Joan Quinn w/Pamela Charette (CS3 51-54)
Jeff & Terry Clevenger (FT3 53-54)
Larry Conely (TM2 61-63)
Bob & Gloria Kelly (EM3 68-71)
Steve & Ruth Krajcik w/Ron & Cheryl Adams (TM3 44-45)
Mitchell & Margaret Malpass (MM2 63-67)
David & Lee Robson (SH3 66-70)
Sal & Rose Zaita (F1c 45-46)
John & Judy Barry (DC2 65-69)
Kelly Brown & Carla Cawlfield (EM2 66-68)
Richard & Elizabeth Blunt with Pamela & Lisa Hardy (EM2 44-45)
Stan Border (SO2 51-53)
Paul & Meryl Delasco  (IC2 61-63)
Pete & Rita Hart (BT3 65-67)
Bob & Theda Laighton (CDR (CO) 70-71)
Bobby & Mary Moore (MMC 61-69)
Boyd & Ilean Searle (FN 46-48)
Richard & Gladys Margoni (ETN2 61-63)
George Aichele (SK2 66-69)
Vincent Sodano with Elizabeth Mazurek (WT2c 44-46)
Don & Shirley Moore (BM2 53-56)
Darrell & Shirley Sigmon (BT2 52-56)
Howard & Judy Good (MM3 61-63)
Jim Poston & Brenda Stanley (SOG2 61-63)
Paul & Lee Rosskamp (BT3 68-71)
Irv & Janet Williams (MM2 52-55)
Dale Surber (EN2 68-71)
Gordon Headley (SM3 58)
Terry & Kiyoko Conaway (BT1 65-70)
Charlie & Dicksie McManus (Y2 46-47)
Charlie Sandberg (MM3 63-65)
Jose & Faith Garcia (BT2 65-68)
Dan Coli (SN 66-69)
Bob Kearns (FTG2 66-68)

And that's a wrap !