U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
28th Annual "All Hands" Reunion

Sunday May 1 to Wednesday May 4, 2016 - Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Airport Marriott, 4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH  44135

The USS Cod (SS-224)


Well, 2016 Reunion 5/01/16 - 5/04/16, Cleveland has come and gone. I would rate this one as one of our best, thanks to our great hosts, Scotty and Linda Kopfstein. The accommodations were great and lots of sites to see in the Cleveland area. The actual Memorial Service at the USS Cod, SS-224 was Great! Even the weather that day was picture perfect. I am sure that was specially ordered by the Kopfsteins.
I wish to thank our Sumner Ladies for all their help in making our making our Reunion such a great Happening. I specially want to thank Louise Jasch for taking care of Bobby and Mary Moore and making sure that they had a successful Reunion with us and a safe trip to Cleveland. It was truly a miracle to have Bobby there!
Thanks Scotty, for getting our great speakers, our banquet speaker, David Taylor, Retired Colonel, Special Forces, U.S. Army Reserve and Memorial Service speaker, Mike Kovack, Retired Navy Commander, the use of the USS Cod, your Color and Honor Guards for a true military salute to our Fallen Shipmates. Thanks to Jim Frederickson for ringing the Cod's ship's bell.
Thank you Karen Harderer, Mary Moore, Gail Dromms and Connie for making the Registration desk run smoothly. Thank you Rita Hart and Gail Dromms for the Silent Auction and Ship's Store.
Thank you Linda Kopfstein, Dale Surber, Connie and everyone else for keeping the Hospitality Room running smoothly.
Special Thanks to Pete & Gail Dromms. Without them we would not have our "material things" for the Reunion. They use their truck and trailer to haul all of the supplies needed for the Reunion, as well as the Ship's Store items and Silent Auction items, not to mention storing and keeping inventory on all of the items during the rest of the year. They even salvaged and recycled beverage containers to turn into income for the Sumner's treasury!
Congratulations to Fred Willshaw, our newly appointed Historian.
To 2nd Vice President Pete Hart, replacing George Aicheie.
To Joe Drabick, director (expires 2019)
To Dale Surber, Shipmate Help Fund Committee
Thanks again to all that made this a great Reunion. If I forgot to mention anyone please accept my apologies. I have been under the weather since before the Reunion and learned a lesson to listen to your body; driving over 1,300 miles one way in 2 days wasn't smart, but doing it coming back home proved I am not 21 and bulletproof anymore.
Dave, you've got a great one to beat in Mayport, 2017, but knowing you and with all of us here to help you, we can make it happen! See all of you in Mayport!

Frank DiBello


Our Hotel

The Hospitality Suite
Salon B & C
April 28 - May 4, 2016
  The early crew sets up our room
Darrell and Dennis discuss Darrell's reenlistment options
Pat Hruska explains to Jum & Elaine where all the food went Gloria and Mille ponder why they came to the reunion
Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the fairest of them all
Dennis explains where the A/C will go Darrell comtemplates going over the Hill Dale Surber tells another Whopper
Robby ignores Jose and gets more food... Robby eyes more food as Scotty tries to get a bite Pat explains to John that Gloria took all the food Linda trying to remember what she did with the Dog's blanket
Rita explains to Scotty that Robby gets all the fixin's Faith and Karen ignore Jose's expose on the world situation
John mesmerises Bob and Pete while Gloria finds more food Dennis is forced to eat something
Dennis trys to dig his way out of taking the key to the Wardroom freezer 
Joe attempting to bribe Connie  I think it worked !  Finally, the gang enjoying each other's company 
Mary Moore & Louise Jasch The "Rat Pack" Bob Haderer explaining to Ted Cooper how to open a package
Dennis explains to Jim & Karen what Joe & Mille are talking about
An Auction Masterpiece 
The Banquet

May 2, 2016
R E M E M  B E R !
Karen & Bob Haderer, Pete & Rita Hart, Faith & Jose Garcia, Ted & Kandy Cooper
CDR Mike Kovac, COL David W. Taylor, SK3 Scott Kopfstein
Line for the BAR Dale Surber, Mille & Joe Drabick, Dave Robson, Bernie & Vicky Armstrong, Jom & Elaine Armstrong
Maurice & Trish Warren, Gloria & Robert Kelly, Pat & John Hruska Pete & Gail Dromms. Louise Jasch, Mary & Bobby Moore Bruce & Earlean Fulbright, Don Hayden, Lee & Paul Rosskamp, Bill & Jocelyn & Juzwiakowski
CDR Mike Kovac, Darrell Sigmon & Son, Fred Willshaw
Scott & Linda Kpffstein
COL David W. Taylor, CDR Mike Kovac, Frank & Connie DiBello

Address given by our Guest Speaker COL David W. Taylor

Awards & Prizes
Dennis Carroll, Jim & Karen Frederickson
Frank thanks COL Taylor for his moving address
John Hruska showing off his Aiclele prize    Pat Hruska and the coveted Aichele prize Jocelyn Juzwiakowski wins an Aichele prize
Bill Juzwiakowski wins an Aichele prize
Frank congratulates Linda & Scotty for their activities as hosts of the Cleveland reunion
Willshaw wins the Anus the the Year award and a beautiful marble plaque Jose wins the furthest travelled award
The Band warms up
Let the dancing begin
Our ship gets a new name
The USS Cod (SS-224) at Cleveland, Ohio
The Memorial Service

May 3, 2016
Ready for the ceremony Jim Frederickson assumes the Watch
Our President addresses us The Honor Guard prepares
CDR Mike Kovac remembers The Honor Guard plays TAPS The Crew listens intently to CDR Kovac The President thanks CDR Kovac
Reading the names of our lost shipmates from the Battle of Ormoc Bay
The Ladies prepare Gloria Kelly and Karen Frederickson begin the reading
Lee Rosskamp continues
Jocelyn Juzwiakowski
Earlene Fulbright Jocelyn Juzwiakowski

Mary Moore

Linda Kopfstein
Connie DiBello Karen Haderer Elaine Armstrong Vickie Armstrong
Pat Hruska Mille Drabick
Rita Hart Faith Garcia
  Passing the Memorial Wreath  

The Color Guard Presents the Colors

21 Gun Salute to the Fallen
TAPS reverberates over the harbor 
  CDR Kovac renders his salute
The 2016 Crew
Shipmares forever The Vietnam gang The Wives
The 1950s
Darrell Sigmon
The early 60s
Bruce Fulbright, Ted Cooper, Bob Haderer, Paul Delasco, Bobby Moore, Dennis Carroll,
Bill Juzwiakowski and Don Hayden
The late 60s
Dave Robson, Bernie Armstrong, John Hruska, Pete Hart, Maurice Warren, Ted Cooper, Dale Surber, Bob Haderer, Dennis Carroll, Bobby Moore, Paul Rosskamp, Frank DiBello, Scott Kopfstein, Pete Dromms, Jim Frederickson, Bob Kelly, Jose Garcia, Fred Willshaw and Joe Drabick
The 70s
Dave Robson. Bernie Armstrong, John Hruska, Paul Rosskamp, Dale Surber and Bob Kelly
Clean up
Local Trolley Scotty telling the crew how to paint a sub COD's National Historic Landmark plaque
Welcome inside the Bubblehead's Home 
Out and about durirg a Sumner Reunion  
  Your guess is as good as mine ! Rock & Roll HOF poster of the group
"Harts & Hearts"


Many thanks to Don Hayden, Pete & Rita Hart, Frank & Connie DiBello and Pete & Gail Dromms for sending in their photographs of the Reunion.

Sailing List


Don Hayden (TM3 62-63)
Pete & Gail Dromms (FTG2 66-67)
Bruce & Earlean Fulbright (TM3 62-64)
Joe & Mille Drabick (BT3 65-68)
Jim & Karen Frederickson (ETN2 66-67)
Jim & Elaine Armstrong (USAF)
Dave Robson (SH3 66-70)
Don & Kandy Cooper (BT2 63-66)
Dennis Carroll (LTJG 64-66)
Frank & Connie DiBello (RM3 66-68)
Scott & Linda Kopfstein (SK3 66-69)
Paul & Lee Rosskamp (BT3 68-71)
Bob & Gloria Kelly (EM3 68-71)
Bob & Karen Haderer (BT2 63-68)
Dale Surber (EN2 68-71)
John & Pat Hruska (MR3 68-71)
Pete & Rita Hart (BT3 65-67)
Paul & Meryl DeLasco (IC2 61-64)
Maurice & Tricia Warren (EN3 66-68)

Bill & Jocelyn Juzwiakowski (TM3 61-63)

Bobby & Mary Moore w/Louise Jasch (MMC 61-69)
Bernie & Vickie Armstrong (FN 68-70)
Jose & Faith Garcia (BT2 66-68)
Darrell Sigmon (BT2 52-56)
Kris Breedlove (MM2 68-70)
Fred Willshaw (SK1 67-69)