U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Bill Ortz's Photo Collection

On deck with my shipmates
Back Row: ETR3 Frank Gomez, Front Row Right: ETN2 John Robertson
BT2 Jerome R. "Bugeyes" Mahan LT Van Winkle and the famous DASH From Left: RM3 David A. Shaffer, RM2 Mark R. Henry
Bill with his helmet on helping paint at an orphanage
The highlight of the Navy experience - "Pay Day" (L-R ?, DK3 Donald E. Gillis, LTJG John L. Kramer, SKSN Richard L. Reynolds, BT3 Paul W. Rosskamp, ?, SK2 Robert D. Pennock)
On a "working party" in a foreign port Christmas party for children from an orphanage
Ready to fire our torpedoes On deck and ready for anything Hard at work looking for the Russkies
Looks like a Zumwalt haircut!
From left: HM1 Milton E "Doc" Matkowski Jr. and RM3 Danny Russell Croker From left: RM3 David A. Shaffer and PC3 Francis H. Plouffe From left: SN Andrew J. Collins, SN Ronnie Lee Spillman, Bill, BM3 Harold E. Lynch and SN Sam G. Derzis (November 5, 1971)
Mount 53 and the VDS
High Lining - a fun way to go shopping
YN3 William Gasparovic wandering the passageways Bill in the Charthouse trying to figure out where Mayport is! RM3 Danny Russell Croker with the new ships logo on his jacket
QMSN Joseph A. Eastwood on After Steering Watch
Join the Navy and you too can ride in style........... QM2 Douglas A. Millsap, Bill's coffee runner
It must be a slow day in CIC
Join the Navy and see the World
From left: SM3 Daniel J. Uziel and Bill on the right SM3 Francis B. Bludis
Monaco Harbor Bill in the Eternal City, Rome QM2 Douglas A. Millsap in the hills of Greece
Guard House at Price Rainier's Palace in Monaco
Bill becomes a "Crusty Old Salt" and gets his first tattoo SM3 Francis B. Bludis in Rome
Bill enjoying some of the local customs Bill enjoying a break in Rome

Many thanks to Bill for forwarding these pieces of our history