U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Bob Kelly's Photo Collection

OPS with the USS John F. Kennedy in GITMO
during Refresher Training November-December 1968

Fleet OPS while on the way to the MED - April 1969

Lisbon, Portugal and Fleet OPS - April 1969

Rotterdam & Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 1969

Venice, Italy - June, 1969


?, EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow, SF2 Randy C. Chandler & Bob EN2 Edgar Dale Surber, SF2 Paul John Stebbins, EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow & Bob

Naples/Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius - June 1969

Sousse, Tunisia - July 1969

FN Stephen W. Vaughn &  MM2 Thomas G. Reichert


Pollensa Bay, Mallorca - September 1969
Off to the Alps
IC3 Larry W. Ruschmeyer & Bob
Mayport & Home - October 1969
scenes from the Greater Jacksonville Golf Tourament
Below Decks & Shipmates



SN Jacinto Burgos & Bob getting ready for a catfish dinner

? & Bob EM2 Kenneth W. Stockard & Bob EM2 Kenneth W. Stockard, EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow & ?


MR3 John Andrew Hruska & EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow
Bob & SF2 Randy C. Chandler


EN2 John M. Kotzer, EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow & ?
The local Mortician FN Stephen W. Vaughn, DC3 David A. Towasnicki & Bob
FN Stephen W. Vaughn, Bob, FN Robert L. Leppek & ? Bob, FN Wilbur L. Snell & FN Charles C. Reed

EM3 Gregory Lee Zadow
EN2 Edgar Dale Surber sleeping while Bob holds down the locker tops
Scenes from a Navy Life

Many thanks to Bob for bringing these pieces of our history to the 2007 Reunion