U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Chris Roeck's Photo Collection

Chris' son Jon sent us his photograph collection of his days aboard the "Allen M."  Chris was aboard from November 1956 until September 1958 and during this time the Sumner took part in three different Mediterranean deployments.  It is uncertain which one(s) these photos are from which deployment but they convey what a "Med Cruise" was like.

Liberty Call and just having fun! 
While in port in the Med, fashion shows were a common attraction.  It is unclear how many outfits the crew actually purchased as they were not considered "Uniform of the Day."
Visiting some of the local establishments in a "hands across the sea" gesture were common.
Roman ruins Finding that postcard for the family back home Holland, a fun destination In Washington for President Eisenhower's Inauguration
On Deck, with shipmates and friends
Operations with the 6th Fleet
USS Intrepid (CVA-11)
USS Ingraham (DD-694) HMS Tuscan (D51)
Highlining Refueling The Whale Boat A great silhouette

Back Home in Norfolk
I wonder if they speak English here? Anybody seen a destroyer around here? Families aboard with the USS Barton (DD-722) in the background

Many thanks to Chris' son Jon for forwarding these pieces of our history