U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Chuck Morrell's Photo Collection

Squadron 16 Kiel Canal Makin' Foam Mayport Breakwater Beard Contest Saying Good Bye
Hey Fidel Land Fall Ripping the swells Kiel Canal   
The Squadron Nest
Stcokholm 11PM
Entering Naples
Shark's Teeth Refueling Captain Beaman Refueling USS WASP
Refueling Key West   
Beard Contest
Swim Call   
Our Enemy - Bubbleheads in GITMO
Leaving the Bridge
Dominican Republic
Chuck Highlining Key West
Morning OPS
Tug Power   
The Morrell's USS SARATOGA Coming Home
The Motor Whale Boat
Russian DE
(See the Sea Stories full story)
Fanciest Quarterdeck in the Fleet
In Wood In Fiberglass
The boat shed at Gitmo after we rammed it!
Waiting our turn for a little Navy Special

Many thanks to Chuck for forwarding these pieces of our history