U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Colin Benporath's Photo Collection
Colin returning to the Hobart, you can see the Sumner's silhouette on the opposite side of the tanker while on Operation Sea Dragon
(May 16 1967)
Working on the helm console of the HMAS Brisbane in 1969 Graduating from "Mark 19 Gyro" School at Great Lakes in 1966 Graduating from IC "C" School at Great Lakes in 1966 Colin's Graduation Certificate

Damage done to HMAS Brisbane when an HE shell went off in the barrel on the gun line in 1969. Fortunately, there was only one injury, an observer on the Flag Deck, had his wrist smashed by flying debris, when the recoil sleeve disintegrated. He was airlifted by helo to a shore field hospital.

Hobart in Norfolk with ice on deck and in the harbor. Hobart making a rooster tail and you thought that was a myth!
Colin's "Happy Hour" compartment, if you look closely you will see a Sumner Plaque and a Sumner Mug ready for action!
An actual piece of the Hobart from their 2003 reunion, anybody know where we can find a piece of the Sumner? Colin, Admiral Guy Griffith (skipper of the Hobart in '67) and Chief Ken Dobbie at Hobart's 2005 reunion (Photo thanks to Ken)

Many thanks to Colin for scanning and forwarding these pieces of our history