U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Lingayen Gulf Damage Report

Cover Page of the Report

DD692/A9 U.S.S. ALLEN M. SUMNER (DD692),
Serial 001 c/o Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, Calif.,
13 January 1945.
From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander in Chief, United States Fleet.
Via: (1) Commander Task Force 78.
(2) Commander Task Force 77.
(3) Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet
Subject: Damage Report - 6 January 1945.
References: (a) PacFlt conf. Ltr. 33CL-43.
(b) U.S.S. A. M. SUMNER dispatch 132000 of Jan. 45, same addressees

         1.          In accordance with paragraph 2(c) of reference (a) the following details of damage and itemized lists of replacement and significant items are submitted.
         2.          Details of damage:
                     Communications: TAJ, TBL, DAK (sense), TCS, MAN coaxial, 1 whip type emergency radio receiving, Loran, 1 spare receiving antennae destroyed. ABK antennae destroyed. BM section of SC-3 coaxial line punctured. Antenna screen of SC-3 pierced by shrapnel; operative but effectiveness reduced. Coaxial cable of SC-3 radar pierced by shrapnel.
                     Engineering (electrical): Starboard 24" searchlight shutter and glass lens demolished. Cables ruptured at cable clamps to searchlight. Port 24" searchlight front door warped. Cables ruptured at cable straps. 36" searchlight lens shattered; iris shutter bent and jammed. Front door dogs bent and broken; shutter motor watertight box crushed. Torpedo mount #2 demolished. Electrical hot water heating unit for after battle dressing station demolished. Supply vent system 1-167 cables, motor and ducts demolished. Exhaust vent system 1-169 cables motor and ducts demolished. Degaussing cable M & Q coils ruptured at frames 175-180. Lighting transfer panel 1-157-2 hit by shrapnel and submerged in fuel oil and water. SP phone circuit 2JV destroyed aft of frame 148. Vent motor for Mt. III burned out by burning gasoline. No. 2 emergency fire pump motor burned out by flood water. Two 75 ft. lengths of casualty power cable destroyed by fire. Vent motor 1-148 blasted out of duct. Screened speed light and remote control cables carried away. Engine order telegraph repeater rendered inoperative due to blast damaging selsyn motor. Starboard running light lens broken and circuit grounded. Port yardarm light carried away and supply cable ruptured. Switch for vent motor in Mt. I rendered inoperative by blast of gunfire. Lighting cables to Mt. III burned and ruptured in several places. Weatherproof cases of three windshield wipers split open by blast of gunfire. Bearings on vent set 1-36 partially carried away by shrapnel. 1MC speaker at frame 145 starboard on superstructure deck ruptured by shrapnel. Casualty communications box at secondary conn ruptured by shrapnel. Sound Powered phone circuit 4JY and sound powered phone transfer switch on 4JY circuit ruptured by shrapnel at Mt. 44 director station. 1MC speakers in compartments C-103-L, C-104L, C-105-EL, C-203-L(2), C-204-LM damaged by explosion, shrapnel, and flooding with water and fuel oil. Sound powered phone circuit XIJ to compartment C-103-L carried away. Cable, bell, and push button station on circuit C-E59 in compartment C-103-L carried away. All lighting cables and accessories in C-103-L destroyed or ruptured. Vent set 2-106 jammed and control panels burned out. Controller for anchor windlass topside control station torn loose from mounting and damaged by gun blast. Two submersible pump motors burned out in flooded compartment C-203-L. Starter brushes on vent set 1-93-1 shattered by explosion. Degaussing cable armor ruptured at frame 30 and in five places at frame 15 (circuits M and F). Lighting cable 2FB-105-B9 ruptured by shrapnel in No. 2 handling room. Cables 2FB-109-D2 and 2FB-109-D4 ruptured by shrapnel in compartment A-302-L. Loading machine controller cable 3FB-403-A ruptured by shrapnel in compartment A-302-L. Cowling of vent set 1-53 pierced by shrapnel. Vent set 01-08-1 ruptured by gun blast. 21MC unit on open bridge speaker diaphragm ruptured and switches rendered inoperative by gun blast. Anchor windlass supply and control cable F-405 ruptured in compartment A-202-A, Automatic bus transfer unit for lighting panel 1-156-2 casing ruptured in compartment C-105-EL.
                      Engineering (machinery):
                      Firerooms: Number 2 stack inner case ripped loose from outer casing, cinder screen demolished, about ten shrapnel holes thru inner and outer casing, stack outer casing canted aft, and atmospheric exhaust lines ruptured. Filling lines to C-501-F starboard side carried away at main deck level and ruptured in compartment C-203-L. Filling line to compartment C-501-F port side torn loose at main deck level. Vents from C-501-F and C-502-F starboard side carried away above main deck and ruptured below main deck.
                      Engine Rooms: Diffuser chambers on number 1 and 2 main feed pump recirculator lines ruptured by shock. Braces on HP drain lines #4 main feed pump bent by shock. Braces on fuel oil heater drain inspection tank vent bent by shock. Braces on auxiliary steam line to #4 condensate pump bent by shock. Gauge line nipple on HP steam chest ruptured by shock. Close nipple on suction pressure gauge line #4 Fire and Bilge pump ruptured by shock. 1" cooling water line to #4 fire and bilge pump ruptured by shock. Lube oil supply line to #2 cruising turbine ruptured by shock. Jacking gear for #2 turbine misaligned by hull stresses. Numbers 4 and 5 spring bearings (starboard shaft) overheat at speeds over 12 knots.
                      Auxiliaries: Grinding noise emitted from starboard shaft in turns. Continuous rubbing noise from both shafts vicinity frames 196-204. Hp air lines aft of frame 148 carried away. LP gas ejection line to Mt. 3 carried away aft of frame 148. HP air flask located in compartment C-204-LM pierced in three places causing leakage and flask jarred loose from mounting. Steam heating system and associated drain lines carried away in compartments C-103-L, C-104-L, C-105-EL, C-203-L, and C-204-LM. Constant service steam lines in same compartments carried away. Convection type steam heaters in same compartments ruptured by shrapnel and explosion and gutted by fire. Number 2 hot water heating unit obliterated. Water cooler in compartment C-204-LM submerged in salt water and fuel oil. Rudder post packing partially unseated by explosion and working of ship causing leakage. Steering gear hydraulic system developed numerous minor leaks as result of concussion and working. Number 2 emergency fire pump submerges in salt water. Whistle and siren and supply steam lines ruptured by shrapnel.
                      Ordnance (gunnery): Train line in train hydraulic unit of Mt. 1 ruptured by shock. LP line to filter of train unit of Mt. 2 ruptured due to shock. Rotary ready service rack of Mt. 3 misaligned and binds as ship rolls. Mt. 3 shield punctured by shrapnel in about five places. Mt. 3 gun port covers unseated by blast. Mt. 3 shield ladder partially destroyed by explosion. Helmet racks and tool stowage racks in Mt. 3 cast loose by blast. Sight bloomers and gun ports of Mt. 3 destroyed by blast. Sight bloomers and gun ports of Mounts 1 and 2 ruptured by blast. Gas ejection line in center column of Mt. 3 ruptured causing small leak. Shrapnel hole in hatch to Mt. 3 magazine. Hydraulic sprinkling release system in C-105-EL demolished (to after magazine group). Manual sprinkling control valve to C-306-M sheared in attempt to open manually. Mt. 3 roller path displaced 10’; high point now at 070 relative. Elevating column of 20mm #’s 203, 205 and 209 sprung and bent. Spray shield of group 25 pierced by shrapnel in three places. 20mm ready service box gun 209 bent and torn by shrapnel. All 20mm ready service boxes split, and hinges broken or sprung by blast. One 20mm gun, 1 magazine, and 3 barrels demolished. One 20mm spare part’s box lost overboard in explosion. Spare barrel holders and dipping tanks group 23 bent to prevent usage. Bracket for hydraulic pump Mt. 2 upper handling room cast loose by shock of firing. Shell passers stand of Mt. 3 magazine fractured and bent by shock. Numerous helmets demolished by shrapnel strafing and explosion. Mt. 44 spray shield torn by shrapnel in one place. Hydraulic pump in compartment C-105-EL demolished.
                     Torpedoes: Depth charge hydraulic release lines ruptured in vicinity of C-203-L; extent undetermined. HP air line for torpedo recharging demolished together with gauge and fittings. Motor controller for tube mount 2 partially destroyed. Number 5 K gun breech bent and broken to irrepairable extent. 14 depth charge arbor stowage brackets bent, fractured, or carried away. Starboard depth charge impulse stowage locker extensively bent; port locker carried away and lost. Torpedo handling crane for tube mount # 2 bent and out of commission but believed repairable. Fireproof covers for 21" AW tube mount #2 destroyed by fire. 21" AW tube mount 2 demolished completely. Torpedo impulse locker at tube mount 2 demolished.
                     Fire Control: Rangefinder and windows pitted by minute shrapnel. Pointers and checkers sights of Mount 3 scorched but operative. K gun firing circuits to #3 and 5 K guns severed extensively in vicinity of guns and in compartment C-203-L. JU sound powered telephone circuit to tube Mount 2, bent and starboard K guns demolished in vicinity of explosion. JP sound powered telephone circuit parted by shrapnel in Mt. 3 upper handling room. One MK14-6 gun sight demolished. One Mk 14-8 gun sight windows broken by strafing and blast. One air power unit for MK 1406 demolished with cables and tubes; one additional set cables and tubes destroyed.
                      Hull (structural): Superstructure deck house demolished aft of frame 154, including CPO quarters, crew’s head, crew’s washroom, passageway, and vent units space. Fume tight doors and swash bulkheads throughout deck house structure abaft frame 105 warped, twisted or ruptured. Overhead of superstructure deck house abaft frame 105 sprung and leaking in several places. Bulkheads and stiffeners of superstructure deck house warped aft of frame 139. After section of ship abaft frame 150 responds slowly to torque in sharp turns and heavy seas as result of loss of numerous strength members. Six to 8 ft. hole in main deck with splits and gashes extending for about 20 ft. from frames 160-165 starboard. Compartment C-301-T flooded. Superstructure deck split at bulkhead vicinity gun 201. Center line longitudinal below main deck demolished from frame 160 to 165; same for next longitudinal to starboard; third one to starboard demolished frames 161-164. All stanchions and vertical supports in compartment C-203-L demolished or badly bent. First platform deck of C-203-L dished in and punctured in numerous places. All fittings, supports, and strength members in compartment C-203-L either demolished or damaged beyond repair. C-204-LM: five longitudinals from centerline to starboard side skin between frames 170-182 warped and twisted by plane crash. Athwartships members, stiffeners and skin longitudinals between main and first decks between same frame numbers warped and twisted or broken. Deck plates, hatches, coamings, and scuttles between frames 165-170 broken, twisted or warped. C-205-L: two longitudinals under main deck to starboard of centerline sprung and twisted. Watertight bulkheads at frames 170 and 177 warped to undetermined extent. Several welds on butts, stiffeners and longitudinals cracked or broken. Damaged area provided support for Mt. 3. As result of damage and necessary further firing of Mt. 3 foundation has settled slightly. Deck plates in vicinity of Mt. 3 are warped and buckled. Stanchions and life lines on starboard side frame 164 - fantail on the main deck and on starboard side of superstructure deck aft of Mt. 43 demolished.
                      Hull Ventilation: All vent ducts in compt. C-203-L demolished. Several vent ducts in starboard side of compartment C-205-L demolished. All vent ducts in superstructure deck house abaft frame 148 shattered, broken loose, bent or demolished. Vent duct 1-42 in compartment A-301-T pierced by shrapnel. Vent valves in after section of ship believed all slightly damaged by blast. Blast of gunfire from forward mounts has ruptured, broken, or split vent ducts 01A-1, 1-60, 1-42, and those in compartment A-303-L.
                      Plumbing: Firemain, fresh water piping, HP air line to torpedo recharging connection, and LP air line to Mt. 3 gas ejection system in compartment C-203-L demolished. All plumbing in crew’s head and washroom aft demolished. Plumbing in after CPO head and washroom blasted loose. Plumbing in after officer’s head and washroom blasted loose. Much of plumbing throughout the ship damaged by gun blast.
                      Miscellaneous: Vents and filling lines to tanks C-9-F, C-501-F, and C-502-F demolished. Clothes lockers in forward and after CPO quarters warped and torn loose by gun blast or explosion blast. One fire hose and two handy billies with stowages demolished. Anchor windlass cap carried away by blast. Air port in stateroom A-101-ACEL pierced by shrapnel. Chalk tests on watertight doors and hatches indicate large number warped. Piping to Diol Smoke Screen Generator cracked and leaking. Fiber glass insulation throughout all living spaces tearing loose from bulkheads and overheads, spreading pulverized glass, with aid of vent system, throughout compartments.
          3.           Itemized list of significant replacement items:
                       TAJ, TBL, DAK (sense), TCS 1 whip type emergency radio receiving Loran, 1 spare receiving antenna. 1 MAN coaxial lead to antenna. 1 AK antenna.
                      Engineering (electrical):
                      1 50 ampere hour 6 volt storage battery.
                      1 surgical instrument sterilizer.
                      12 sound powered phone telephone headsets.
                      12 twelve-inch wall type fans.
                      12 relay operated hand lanterns.
                      1 submersible pump.
                      1 megger.
                      4 Square D voltage testers.
                      1 horsepower portable vent set with hose.
                      1 power analyzer set (Westinghouse TA).
                      1 clamp on type ammeter (Weston).
                      2 non-watertight type 1MC loudspeakers.
                      1 36" GE type searchlight lens.
                      1 24" GE type searchlight lens.
                      Engineering (machinery):
                      Engineering (auxiliaries):
                      6 convection type heaters.
                      1 hot water electrical heating unit for battle dressing aft.
                      1 exhaust vent set 95,000 CFM.
                      2 supply vent set 63,000 CFM, 85,000 CFM.
                      Ordnance (gunnery):
                      3 20mm barrels.
                      1 20mm complete.
                      2 hand operated hydraulic pumps.
                      1 .45 caliber pistol.
                      3 .30 caliber M03 rifles (Springfield).
                      Ordnance (torpedoes):
                      1 21" AW quintuple torpedo tube complete with Mk 5 sight, torpedo course indicator, firing panel, power drive, shield, and 5 torpedoes.
                      1 K gun complete.
                      Ordnance (fire control):
                      1 pair 7 x 50 binoculars.
                      1 pair 6 x 30 binoculars.
                      1 MK14-6 gunsight and power unit.
                      All fittings for crew’s head and washroom complete.
                      Superstructure deck house abaft frame 160.
                      Main and second decks frames 160-165.
                      Stringers, butts, longitudinals, and other strength members in compartments C-203-L and C-204-LM.
                      Extensive replacement of vent ducts in many compartments.
                      Firemain (60 ft. section).
                      2 handy billies.
                      Fiber glass insulation in compartments C-203-L and C-204-LM, crew’s washroom and head, and passageway C-101-ACEL.
          4.           Itemized list of significant repair items.
                       Locate and repair punctured BM section of SC-3 coaxial line.
                       Repair shrapnel hole in SC-3 antenna screen.
                       Locate and repair punctured section of SC-3 coaxial cable.
                       Engineering (electrical):
                       Repair 2 24" and 1 36" searchlight and cables.
                       Install hot water heating unit for after battle dressing station in after crew’s head.
                       Install supply vent system 1-167 with wiring controllers and ducts.
                       Install exhaust vent system 1-169 with necessary wiring controllers and ducts.
                       Repair or replace degaussing cable between frames 175-180.
                       Replace lighting transfer panel 1-157-2 with associated wiring.
                       Renew sound powered phone circuit 2JV aft of frame 148.
                       Rewind vent motor for Mt. 3.
                       Rewind 50 horsepower motor for #2 emergency fire pump.
                       Manufacture 2 75 ft. lengths of casualty power cable.
                       Replace vent motor 1-148.
                       Renew screen speed light wiring and remote control mechanism.
                       Repair engine order telegraph repeater on open bridge.
                       Repair starboard running light and circuit.
                       Repair vent motor for vent system 01-08-1.
                       Renew blinker light on port yardarm with associated wiring.
                       Renew starting switch for vent motor in Mt. 1.
                       Renew all lighting cables in Mt. 3.
                       Replace 6 1MC speakers (one watertight).
                       Renew all lighting fixtures, cables in compartments C-103-L, C-104-L, C-105-EL, C-203-L.
                       Repair vent set 2-106 and associated controller panel.
                       Rewind 2 submersible pump motors.
                       Replace degaussing cables between frames 15 and 30.
                       Replace automatic bus transfer unit for lighting panel 1-156-2.
                       Engineering (machinery):
                       Repair or replace # 2 stack with accompanying atmospheric exhaust lines.
                       Renew filling lines to tank C-501-F.
                       Replace vents from tanks C-501-F and C-502-F.
                       Replace gauge line nipple on HP turbine steam chest and cruising turbine first stage.
                       Lift upper half of #4 and 5 spring bearings for inspection.
                       Repair jacking gear for #2 main engine.
                       Drydock ship to repair tiller post and check alignment of shafts.
                       Replace HP air flask in compartment C-204-LM.
                       Renew constant service steam lines in same compartments.
                       Renew #2 hot water heating unit.
                       Locate leaks and repair hydraulic steering system.
                       Ordnance (gunnery):
                       Lift Mt. 3 realign and strengthen roller path. Inspect roller path for further damage.
                       Provide, install, and test hydraulic remote control system for sprinkling after magazine group.
                       Remove Mt. 3 gas ejection line from center column and repair leak.
                       Realign barbette of Mt. 3 to permit free running of rotary ready service rack.
                       Lift 5 20mm guns and free frozen columns.
                       Repair or replace 11 20mm ready service boxes.
                       Ordnance (torpedo):
                       Repair #2 torpedo handling davit.
                       Replace #5 K gun and roller loader.
                       Replace motor controller panel to torpedo tube mount 2.
                       Replace HP air system for charging torpedoes (in vicinity tube 2).
                       Renew DC hydraulic release piping in C-203-L and C-204-LM.
                       Ordnance (fire control):
                       Restore sound powered telephone cables, boxes for JU to K guns and tube 2, JA to group 23.
                       Renew end windows of MK42 stereo rangefinder.
                       Rebuild and refit superstructure deck house frame 148 aft.
                       Removed damaged strength members in compartments C-203-l, C-204-LM, and C-205-L and replace.
                       Replace approximate 20 x 10 ft. section of main deck.
                       Refit compartment C-203-L and starboard side compartment C-204-LM.
                       Repair shrapnel holes in decks, vent ducts, bulkheads, and shields in numerous locations throughout the ship.
                       Drydock and check keel and keelson for hog or sag.
                       Inspect and repair mast, yardarms and rigging.
                       Repair and replace numerous fume-tight doors in warped or sprung condition.
                       Repair or renew plumbing extensively throughout ship.
                       Resecure and in some instances replace personnel lockers in numerous living compartments.
                       Conduct air tests on 22 compartments.
                       Repair Diol Smoke Screen Generator.
                       Renew or replace with substitute fiber glass insulation in practically all compartments.

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A sincere Thank You to Ron Babuka who supplied us with this report