U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Dennis Greene's Photo Collection

Navy Recruiting Posters very often advertise "Join the Navy and see the World."  For those who got to ride a Tin Can such as the Sumner this is indeed true.  If the sailor takes advantage of these opportunities, they can truly see the world and involve themselves in the history and culture of the many countries they visit.  Dennis was one of those lucky people who had the chance and took full advantage.  His collection includes the 1965-1966 Med Cruise and the 1967 deployment to Vietnam.  Many thanks to Dennis for sharing his experiences for all to enjoy. Click on the thumbnail for the section you would like to view.

October 14, 1965 to March 8, 1966 - Sumner's 12th Deployment to Europe is extensively documented in these images from such locations as Athens, Rome, Jerusalem and Beirut. - 282 images.

Part I of the 1967 Deployment to Vietnam including the Panama Canal, Hawaii, Midway, Japan and Combat Operations - PIRAZ Station, Yankee Station and Operation Sea Dragon. - 244 images.

Part II of the 1967 Deployment to Vietnam including Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Acapulco and Combat Operations - Operation Pershing along with Pollywog Day and Shell Back Day - 213 images.

This section contains the odds & ends of Dennis' collection including the Blue Angels, Santo Domingo, GITMO and San Juan - 60 images

Many thanks to Dennis for sharing these pieces of our history !