U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Dennis Greene's Memorabilia Collection

Mediterranean Deployment - October 14, 1965 to March 8, 1966

Pollensa Bay, Spain
October 26, 1965 to October 27, 1965

Entering the harbor The USS Laffey (DD-724)

Naples, Italy
October 29, 1965 to November 2, 1965

A visit to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

The Ruins Pompeii Square Main Street, note Chariot Stops
More Ruins Ruins of the theatre to the right Mosaics Bakers millstone and oven
Garden in rich brothers house Don't know who that is
Chair lift and crater of Mount Vesuvius, note the crater steam

Valletta, Malta
December 4, 1965 to December 13, 1965

Entering Valletta and gondolas waiting to take us ashore
Sumner anchored in the harbor Fort St. Angelo Fort St. Angelo and the harbor Cross erected by King George honoring Malta's dead in World War II
Garden along the harbor, Sumner to the left in the anchorage
Aqueduct from Rabat to Valletta Church in Medina View towards Valletta from Medina
Musta Church Neolithic temple ruins near Hypogeum
The streets of Valletta Church in Valletta
Statue of St. Paul and area of his ship wreck Fountain in Valletta Square Maltese coast on way to Millieha Expensive buggy rides

Underway from Valletta, Malta to Beirut, Lebanon
December 13, 1965 to December 20, 1965

USS Boston (CAG-1) USS Bigelow (DD-942), and USS Forrestal (CVA-59) refueling from the USS Chukawan (AO-100)
Highlining the Squadron Chaplain from the USS Forrest Royal (DD-872)
Sunrise Sunset

Beirut, Lebanon
December 20, 1965 to December 27, 1965

First view of Lebanon Nine ships entering Beirut, Sumner is fifth in line
Hotel Pheonicia Adventure at the Hotel Park Square in downtown Beirut
The Meat Market
USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17) SN Thomas Salvatore Tocci and SK2 Ronald G. Ciresi Mr. & Mrs. Heil, BTC Henry V. Pelz, STG2 David E. Romesburg, Susie, Dennis, Wendy and RD2 Harold A. Mathews Jr. USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17) and Sumner

On to the Holy Land !

Beirut Airport and a Middle East International Airlines flight to Jerusalem
Taking off Beirut and the mountains Coast of Lebanon
Flying over the mountains Starting across the desert Preparing to land Jordanian International Airport in Jerusalem
Our hotel in Jerusalem, The Lawrence Ascension Church on the Mount of Olives Looking toward the Wilderness from the Mount of Olives    Overlooking Old Jerusalem - Gold Dome with the Rock of Moriah, old location of Jewish Temple & Old Covenant, to the left the Dividing Wall and No Man's Land, cone shaped tower is traditional site of the Last Supper
Garden of Gethsemene Golden Gate of Mount Moriah, site of Solomon's Temple Rock of Gethsemene Church over Cave of Gethsemene, place where Jesus taught disciples and burial place of Mary and Joseph
Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem Basilica of the Nativity Site of the Manger Place where Mary gave birth to Jesus
Walls of Jerusalem and Tomb of David's son Absolom Dividing Wall of Jerusalem, Conical Church next to traditional site of the Last Supper Road Good Samaritan took, in background is wilderness known as "Valley of the Apostles"
Remains of Inn of the Good Samaritan
Old Roman Road from Jericho to Bethlehem, believed to be rout of the Three Wise Men
Mount of Temptation New City of Jericho Worlds oldest city, Jericho, ruins date to the Stone Age
Jericho, human remains found at the base of the tower on the right date back to the time of Joshua Wandering nomad camels on the road to the River Jordan Camels stampeding, Dead Sea to the right Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized people. Mount Nebo in the background, on the right is where Moses came out of the wilderness and first saw the Promised Land
The Jordan River Camel rides, they don't look like the camels we had in the Navy! De4ad Sea with mountains where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found The Dead Sea with the Judean Mountains in the background
Garden of Gethsemene, Church at the right with black dome is the site where "Jesus wept"
Wall of Jerusalem with Star of David Ruins of the Pool of Bethesda Inside St. Anne's Basilica, birthplace of Mary
Part of the gate to Court of Pontius Pilate where Jesus was tried, 1st Station of the Cross Original pavement outside the Court where Jesus received the Cross, 2nd Station of the Cross
Corner of Via Delarosa where Simon took up the Cross, 5th Station of the Cross Church over Calvary, being repaired from war damage
Slab inside tomb where Christ was lain View of Gordon's Hill from our hotel Entrance to the tomb, note groove for round stone and the stop
Inside Garden Tomb showing three vaults
Inside Garden Tomb where Jesus was believed to be buried Jordanians crossing into Israel during 48 hour truce on Christmas Eve
Jordanians waiting for relatives coming from Israel Gordon's Hill
Dennis of Arabia ! Last view of Jerusalem as we head back to Lebanon High above the desert headed to Beirut

Underway from Beirut, Lebanon to Athens, Greece
December 27, 1965 to December 29, 1965

A beautiful sunset

Athens (Pireaus), Greece
December 29, 1965 to January 6, 1966

The Acropolis and the Parthenon
The New Year's procession from Church to the Royal Palace with King Constantine and Queen Anna Maria (Denmark) and Changing of the Guard
The U.S. Embassy in Athens
An Athens Library View of Athens from the Sumner
National Museum Square Downtown Sunrise in the harbor

On to Corinth, Greece

More ruins ! The Corinth Canal connecting the Ionian and Aegean Seas The Corinth Acroplolis
Temple of Appollo in Corinth Corinth Bay Square where Paul preached Cistern spring from the Acropolis through a cave to Corinth

Then to Golden Mycyneae

View from the Tombs The Lions Gate Eucalyptus lined roads Entrance to the Bee Hive Tomb
The ruins of Mycyneae The Tombs Our Guide Sophia

Underway from Athens, Greece to Taranto, Italy
January 6, 1966 to January 16, 1966

Coming alongside the USS Forrestal (CVA-59) to transfer the Chaplains aboard

Taranto, Italy
January 16, 1966 to January 24, 1966

Entering the harbor and Fort Taranto
Promenade along the shore
A buggy ride
The Palace Hotel Harbor entrance at night World War II Italian Pillbox
EM2 Billy F. Anderlitch and EM1 Hayes P. Edwards Jr

Valletta, Malta
January 25, 1966 to February 3, 1966

Harbor and Fort St. Angelo Park overlooking the harbor
Capt. Balls Monument Harbor Entrance
New construction style Elevator from Fleet Landing to the town
St. Pauls Bay

In and around the town of Millieha
Views of Gozo from the mountains
Boschetto Gardens near the Governor's Palace
The Dingley Cliffs
The Guide's handcranked Chrysler

Naples, Italy
February 5, 1966 to February 12, 1966

Naples Harbor
And a tour to the Eternal City - ROME !
Victoria Emmanuel Monument and tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Forum - Temple of Saturn The Forum - Arch of Septimius Severus
The Forum - column of Foca The Forum - Arch of Titus at the far end The Forum - column of Foca The Forum - Temple of Castor & Pollux
St. Paul's Basilica
The Catacombs
The Orillian Wall and the Circus Maximus

St. Peter's Basilica

Tiber River and St. Angelos Castle with Tomb of Hadrian
Palace of Justice The Pantheon
Trevi Fountain
Olympic Stadium
The Coliseum from twilight to dark
St. Peters Basilica St. Angelo's Castle on the Tiber River
King Emmanuel's Monument Trajan's Forum
Caesar's Forum A Mile Stone    Titus' Arch Arch of Constantine
Trevi Fountain Walls surrounding the Vatican
Trajan's Column
   Pope Paul
   Arch of Constantine Typical Rome Street view
FTG2 Ernest L. Reeves waking up RD3 David L. Gahnz at the Hotel San Giusto
It's time for more tours !

Palma, Mallorca
February 15, 1966 to February 22, 1966

The Bull Fights and what must be a bunch of Snipes !
Entertainment after the Bull Fights including music, dancing, singing and flamenco guitar.

Coast outside the Bull Fight arena.

The harbor and coast of Palma
The mountains of Mallorca
Liberty buddy Lou Stewart from the Bigelow

Underway from Palma, Mallorca to Gibraltar, BCC
February 22, 1966 to February 24, 1966

Gibraltar, BCC
February 24, 1966 to February 25, 1966
Entering the harbor
Liberty Call and shopping in the British Crown Colony

BTFN David R. Jordan and RM3 William D. Beck
Our relief and sister ship is here! The USS Moale (DD-693) and now we can go home!

 Many thanks to Dennis for forwarding these pieces of our history