U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Doug Rinear's Photo Collection

This chapter of Doug's collection tells the story of the deployment to Vietnam in 1967. We departed Mayport on the 7th of February in company with the USS Bigelow (DD-942), USS Ault (DD-698) and USS McCaffery (DD-860).

A quick stop for fuel on the 10th in sunny GITMO.

On the 12th we transit the picturesque Panama Canal

At the end of the month we get a few days in paradise - the Hawaiian Islands. We take a bus tour of Oahu and get our fill of Pineapple!

On March 7th, a quick stop at Midway Island to see the gooney birds!

Five weeks after leaving Mayport we pull into Yokosuka for a bit of R & R.
Getting everything into fighting condition and ready for our first assignment in the combat zone.

On PIRAZ station with the nuclear cruiser USS Long Beach.

Then on to Operation Sea Dragon where the command ship was the USS Canberra (CAG-2) and a few closeups of "the enemy!"
Yankee Station where we provided security for the carriers as they sent missions into North and South Vietnam.
Our "Mates" on Operation Sea Dragon, the HMAS Hobart, if you look close you can see SAC2 Colin Benporath!
A beautiful sunset over 'Nam.

The Fourth of July is spent relaxing in Hong Kong, something we strongly recommend.
On our patrols off the coast of South Vietnam we had contact with the many patrol craft operating in the area.

On the way home we stop in San Francisco for a bit more R & R.
September 4th and it is Pollywog Day.
The next day we pay dearly as the Shellbacks get their revenge!
Back through the Canal and home again in Mayport, mission accomplished!

Thanks to Doug for letting us borrow his slides and telling part of our great story.