U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Doug Seal's Photo Collection

Doug's photographic history of the Vietnam Deployment begins after his purchase of a new camera in Sasebo. Many thanks to Doug for letting me borrow his collection for all to enjoy.

  Operations with the Bird Farms, Brown Shoes and Airedales
Otherwise known as "Plane Guarding"

Operations with the Seventh Fleet

On Operation Sea Dragon with the HMAS Hobart (D39)
Operations with Whirly Birds

Operations with the Brown Water Navy

Operations Sea Dragon, Beau Charger, Pershing I and Beacon Guide found us with 5"/38s on target as the FT gang led the way and our bow slicing ever forward

Out going

In coming

Out going

Looks like a "WibLic" to me!

I think this one is too big
to be a WBLC!

The famous "Pie Eating Contest" otherwise known as "Ron Stair's Revenge"

August 11, 1967, two Russian "Bear" bombers buzz us while with the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) as an Navy F4 plays "tag"
June 25, 1967, into Kaohsiung Harbor, hope you have had your shots!
July 3, 1967, Hong Kong, water taxis and Tiger Balm Gardens
August 17, 1967, Pearl Harbor and a bit of rest
August 26, 1967, under the Golden Gate and
liberty in Frisco
September 5, 1967, King Neptune comes aboard and brings all lowly Pollywogs to Court
September 7, 1967, back through the Panama Canal and the Atlantic Fleet
Back home in Mayport at last!