U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Eric Bollin's Photo Collection

Eric's photographic history of the Vietnam Deployment begins in Yokosuka, Japan where he purchased his new camera. Each port or major action has it's own page to facilitate your loading and viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Eric for bringing this history to Reunion 2003 for all to enjoy. Click on the thumbnail for the section you would like to view.

March 14 to18, 1967 - After crossing the Pacific Ocean, we tied up to Berth Six, U.S. Naval Shipyard, Yokosuka, Japan along with the USS Ault (DD-698), USS Bigelow (DD-942) and USS McCaffery (DD-860) for the loading of additional combat supplies and a bit of R&R - 27 images.

April 6 to June 15, 1967 - Off the coast of North Vietnam, the Sumner took part in Operation Sea Dragon (the interdiction of war supplies headed south) and provided security for the aircraft carriers assigned to Yankee Station - 103 images.

May 28-June 5 and July 22 to July 28, 1967 - After extensive war patrols the Sumner would sail to Subic Bay in the Philippines for maintenance and upkeep - 14 images.

June 25 to July 2, 1967 - After a lengthy period at sea we enter Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Formosa Island for Rest & Relaxation - 27 images.

July 3 to July 9, 1967 - For all our hard work we spend Independence Day in Hong Kong, British Crown Colony - 67 images.

July 11 to July 21, 1967 - Provided NGFS, Naval Gunfire Support, in the II Corps area of South Vietnam including a visit to Nah Trang and operations with the Brown Water Navy - 10 images.

August 14, 1967 - A stop for fuel at Midway Island on our long voyage home - 13 images.

August 17 to August 18, 1967 - Another quick stop at Pearl Harbor for fuel and then an economy run to Frisco - 3 images.

August 23 to August 26, 1967 - After four days of economy sailing from Pearl Harbor we pass under the Golden Gate and tie up at Treasure Island - 11 images.

August 31 to September 2, 1967 - Stop in Acapulco to see the Cliff Divers - 20 images.

September 4 to September 5, 1967 - Sumner enters the Realm of King Neptune and celebrates with Pollywog Day on the Fourth and Shellback Initiation on the Fifth - 14 images.

September 7, 1967 - Our second transit of the Panama Canal finds us dreaming of Home, only a few more days now - 19 images.

September 11, 1967 - Seven months and 40,000 miles later we get our Welcome Home - 7 images.

Many thanks to Eric for bringing these pieces of our history to Reunion 2003