U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Gary Jensen's Photo Collection

Jim Faulhaber and Pete Labita Pete Labita having a soda! Charley Rizzo, Mac, John Reading and Pete Belmore
Charley Rizzo, Mac, John Reading and Pete Belmore
John Redding and Rich Borutta Bob Misiano Bill Jones and Jim Faulhaber Richard Wicker, Dennis Bogdol, Gary Jensen, Dave Robson, John Beauchamp and Shelly
Eastwood, George Casebeer and Bob Wimmer Rich Little, Bill Wolf, Tom Stewart and  Bob Helms Tom Stewart, Mark Henry and Rich Little Richard Wicker and Gary Bilyeu on the way to the Greek Baths
Ron Minando and Gary Bilyeu Ed Kirner shining Gary's shoes Mark Henry, Gary Jensen and Tom Stewart George Holman,  Tom Stewart and Mark Henry

A certificate from Gary's Dad's Navy collection
that you might be able to use.

Many thanks to Gary for scanning and forwarding these pieces of our history