U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692

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From: John "Rabbit" Taylor btaylor@pineland.net
Date: October 26, 2015

Hi fellow sailors I served aboard USS Maccaffery DDE 860 1967 1968 we were in the same DesRon in Nam also home ported in Mayport. Have to know some of you .Alot of us played football together at the football field when in port. Thought you might be interested in two good sites Tin Can sailors and Tonkin gulf Yacht club. Check them out. Fair seas and calm winds. Thank you

From: Pam Gilles  gilles5@frontier.com (Glenn Burdett's daughter)
Date: August 2, 2013

My father Glenn Burdett served in 1945-46 on the USS Allen M Sumner. In September he will be flying to Washington DC to view all the war memorials. This is sponsored by the Honor Flights for the veterans. It is a one day trip from Peoria, Illinois to Washington DC. On the return flight they have what is called a "Mail Call" which was something very important to the servicemen during war time. This is a SURPRISE to the veterans. I am asking any of you crewmen from the USS ALLEN M SUMNER to send him a letter, picture, or thank you note for his service. You may also just send it in the form of an email for of any of these and I will include them. Thank you for any responses I receive. I also suggest to any veterans to look into a Honor Flight in your area this is a free trip for veterans to honor them.

Please send all mail by September 1st to me: gilles5@frontier.com
Glenn Burdett
c/o Pam Gilles
10533 N Princeville Jubilee Rd
Brimfield IL 61517
or you may send it directly to the honor flight mail call coordinator
Glenn Burdett
c/0 Mary Dunaway
10715 N Dana Drive
Peoria, IL 61615

Remember must send by September 1, 2013, Thank you.

From: Bob Weld  biguglybob@gmail.com
Date: May 25 2013

Hello out there my name is Bob (the fox) Weld. I served on board from 1956-1960 first in the 2nd Div. and later in the After Engine Room and would love to hear from anyone out there that would like to converse with a old shipmate, I can now be e-mailed at biguglybob@gmail.com Thanks and hope to hear from you.

From: Bob Kelly  B692@aol.com
Date: August 30 2012

Our thoughts and prayers to Wes Ritchie and his Family. Bob & Gloria Kelly

From: Allen J. Costa  allenjcosta@mac.com 
Date:  June 16 2012

My name is Allen (Brissette) Costa, my biological father served on DD-692 and was "lost" overboard on 11/25/1950, he was DC2 Norman Brissette. My family and I are trying to find out information about his family, if anyone has any info it would be helpful.

From: Don Valentine valentine.stc@att.net
Date:  May 9 2012

Another Great Reunion!  Diane and I pulled into our summer campsite in Jefferson, Wisconsin Monday morning at 08:00. We had a good trip home. See you all in Colorado Springs next time.  Don

From: Walt Mathers whirlygigger@msn.com
Date: March 11 2012

Ahoy to those who followed the USS ALLEN M. SUMNER (DD-692) down to the sea. I worked her into port from the decks of YTM-713 at CHASNAVSTA in 1968. MCPO Melvin Johnson from the Naval Reserve Center at Fort McHenry says hello. For anyone near the Port of Baltimore, we can put a moving deck beneath your feet once again. Inquire at: The Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit. We're going places and doing things... still.

From: Christen D. Kocher kocherpuffs@gmail.com
Date:  March 11 2012

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of my grandfather, Merlin "Punk" Fenelon. A hard worker, faithful citizen, devout Catholic, and devoted father/family man. He is greatly cherished, and will be greatly missed by our family. I feel tremendously blessed that I lived 33 years of my life with such an outstanding man as my grandfather. Words cannot express his loss in our lives, and in his community--a generous man of integrity and goodwill, always concerned about the welfare of others, and never complaining--even at the end when he was suffering from serious health problems. He was very proud of his service in the United States Navy . . . and even as recent as January was talking about his hope to attend the Allen M Sumner Reunion in Norfolk, VA, this May (I live in Washington, DC, so we were hoping to meet up). Please inform those who might wish to know of my grandfather's passing. I know that his participation in these reunions were one of the highlights of his life in these retirement years. His obituary can be found here: http://www.fitzgeraldfuneralhome.com/obituaries/?id=93899  In honor of my grandfather, I wish to thank you and all his fellow servicemen for their sacrifice and devotion to our country. With admiration and gratitude, Christen D. Kocher (granddaughter of Merlin Fenelon, a.k.a. my beloved "Grandpa Punk")

From: Joni (Johnson) Woods woodsjl57@msn.com
Date:  March 2 2012

I am the daughter of Dale Edwin Johnson, FTGC who served on the Sumner From 1964 to 1969. Thanks to your site I was able to find a couple of photo's that my dad appeared in. He passed away about 40 years ago and through those years many photo's that our family did have of him have disappeared. My dad served 22 years in the Navy and was a Chief Petty Officer when he retired. The only ship that I ever could remember him serving on was the Sumner and I think that was because when he was in port, I think it was in Bainbridge, he would take one or two of us six kids on board for a few hours when it was permitted. I remember a sailor nicknamed "Dutch" that was so much fun to be around and he would keep an eye on me when it was needed. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a fond walk down memory lane with your site. The one thing that will bring me to tears the quickest is a show of patriotism and love of country.

From:  Jennifer Crowley
Date:  November 14, 2011

I am the daughter of Roger S. Starr (RD2 65-66). I was in Jacksonville this past weekend and googled my Dads ship. Lucky for me I was lead to this website. My dad would have loved connecting with all his shipmates. I would love to know if shipmates remember him or have stories that they could share. I also will go through my moms photos as well to see what I can send too. Do you know if there is any where to get copies of old cruise books? Thank you so much for this website.. You have know idea how much finding this means to me.

From:  Suzanne Jackson stinkyj@cox.net
Date:   November 11, 2011

Thank you all for all the love and support during Dads illness. Sadly I wish to tell you he has passed. November 3,2011. He will be greatly missed by many. I want to thank all that made me feel like part of the Sumner family at the reunions I attended. I really enjoyed going with Dad and participating. Joe thank you for keeping us on the mailing list. A kind, gentle and giving person has left a huge hole in my heart and will be missed greatly. Love to all Suzanne Jackson

From:  Jo Schumacher  jolips33@gmail.com
Date:   September 21, 2011

My father, Arnold (Arne) Schumacher, of the USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692, died on July 17, 2011 in Heber Springs, Arkansas. He was proud of his service in the Navy and aboard DD-692 and I see he was an active participant with his shipmates via this website. If anyone wishes to contact me with tall tales, stories or whatnot about Dad, please do so. I'd love to hear from you. Jo Schumacher

From:  Joe Patterson  JPatterson@plastipak.com
Date:   September 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Joe Patterson BT2 I served on the Sumner from 61 to 64 a lot of good memories!

From:  Holly Hutchinson  katant@tds.net
Date:   August 17, 2011

My dad was on the Sumner from 55-58 and I was wondering if anyone remembered him. I wouldn't mind getting some photos if anybody that may have known him has any. His name is Harold R. Hutchinson. He was an FN. As an ex-sailor myself, Plankowner USS Monterey (CG-61), I know what it is like to keep in touch with shipmates.

From:  Richard Grabowski (TM3 62-64) rsgrabowski@gmail.com
Date:   January 10, 2011

Just found the web site. It's great. Hello to everyone who served with me.

From: Hank Hain (ETR2 59-62) hjhain@sbcglobal.net
Date:  2 January 2011

Recently refound the Sumner site after several years away. My name is Hank Hain ET2 and I served aboard the Sumner from approx. June 1959 until December 1962. From FRAM to the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Originally from Erie Pa but now retired and living in McHenry IL.  Had some great times while aboard. It’s nice to see the website and remember.

From: George Morgan (BT3 70-72) george.c.morgan.ctr@navy.mil
Date:  21 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my brothers of Sumner. Wish everyone a happy and fun season and let's try and get together ASAP at the next reunion.

From:  Robert Vann (SM3 61-64)  swillia1@bellsouth.net
Date:  14 July 2010

I served onboard the USS Allen M. Sumner from 61-64. I just recently found this site and saw many names I had forgotten. Any SM's and RM's out there? My emails being returned undelivered. The site is a great tribute to the old girl.

From: William Scouten, 1SGT retired, US Army Reserve  wrscouten@alaska.net
Date: 20 June 2010

I left a copy of your email below for River Mike, his response in a note left yesterday (6/18) at riverside a few hours after we made a supply drop on our way upriver . . .
"Cranford SM3, request permission to come aboard Sir"

February 9, 2010 - River Mike in winter quarters, a double walled tent with wood stove 75 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. A warm winter day at +10F, my trail partner Ron at right with Matty the husky checking out my lunch sitting on the woodpile. Note one of several big woodpiles . . . the extra tall stove pipe to reduce live sparks falling on the tent canvas . . . this is Mike's home, winter and summer. ( For those of you who think you're tough, I invite you to move in with Mike and Matty for the winter . . . bring your longies, a REALLY good sleeping bag and a wood splitting maul. )

For more on River Mike see the Guestbook entry below.

From: William Scouten, 1SGT retired, US Army Reserve  wrscouten@alaska.net
Date: 22 May 2010

I am in regular contact with one of the USS Sumner's crewmen from the 1960's who has lived in a remote corner of Alaska for many years . . . former Signalman 3rd Class Harold Michael Cranford, known to us (and thousands of Alaska tourists) as 'River Mike'. After talking with him about his time in the Navy, I did an on-line search for DD-692 awhile back and came up with your exceptional webpage. I copied off several pages for Mike, he was quite emotional when he read over the rosters for 1963-66. He has authorized me to post his mailing address for any interested shipmates to contact him. I should mention, Mike has no computer, no email, no electricity . . . no rent, no taxes, his only neighbors are the local moose, bears and wolves.

River Mike, PO Box 217, Two Rivers, AK 99716

River Mike lives in an 8'x10' canvas wall tent year-round in one of the harshest climates on earth, the interior of Alaska. The coldest weather he has experienced was -68°F below. He was an autobody man in his other life and never misses 'Car Talk' (on his battery radio). His '61 GMC Suburban is the most photographed truck in the state. It's equipped with a wood stove, stored ten months out of the year and only driven two months in the summer. It's been Mike's only transportation (except his canoe and dog teams) since 1982. Mike's total fuel bill for ten months was the cost of two gallons of gas for his chainsaw; his ONLY source of light is a LED headlamp. What little money he needs for supplies he earns by selling his handicrafts to tourists in the summer, handmade knives, Alaskan plaques and more. The local moose or caribou usually make a contribution to his food supply as well . . .  His only means of travel in the winter is on snowshoes. His drink of choice is Everclear + Tang. The sign on his trail reads: "The dogs are born killers and I'm crazy" . . . so walk carefully if you visit. 'Walden by Henry David Thoreau' was the book that changed his life. It took him out of a custom '69 Corvette and put him behind a team of sled dogs and HE HASN'T LOOKED BACK. I am one of several veterans in Mike's circle of friends, since Mike's remote tent camp some 75 miles NE of Fairbanks is often difficult to get to, we sometimes deliver supplies (bought by another one of his friends) to him by airboat in the summer and snowmachine in the winter.

From: Mary Love-Patton  mary4302@charter.net
Date: 20 March 2010

My name is Mary Love-Patton, and my father was Lowell Edward Love. Sadly, my father passed away March 21, 2005. I was just thinking about my dad and decided to google his name and came across this website. I think Dad led me here. He had many memories regarding the Sumner. God Bless this ship and the many people who served upon her.

From: Cecile Haisten Budimier  jbudimier@cox.net
Date:  25 January 2010

Hello to those who have served aboard the Sumner. My dad was Homer H Haisten who apparently did so during the years I was born. Although Dad commanded a LSD in the early 60s, his fondest memories were of the destroyers he served aboard. He was proud of the Tin Can Sailor designation! My brother and I served our country but as Marines - I made a career of it as did my husband. My son is doing NROTC in college and also wants to follow the Marine course of action. Because of the memories and the stories he told, I want to thank Dad's crew mates for making those great years for him aboard the Sumner. May you all have Fair Winds and Following Seas!

From: Greg Vigle  Librarius@librarius.org
Date:  4 September 2009

Hello, my name is Greg Vigle and my Father, John Barry Vigle Jr. (PhM3C) served on the Sumner in 1945-46. As already posted, sadly we lost Dad in 1990, but we were very pleased to see the Sumner website and Dad's name on the 1945-46 muster. This has prompted us to request his service records, which we are still waiting on, hoping to learn more details about his service. His time in the Navy was one of the high points in his life, and he often spoke of those days. Although Dad dropped out of high school to enlist in 1943 at age 17, after the war he talked his way into the University of Kentucky in his hometown of Lexington, where the Dean in charge allowed him to enroll on the condition that he earned all "A"s (or was it "B"s ?) during his first semester (either way, he did!). Dad eventually went on to become the equivalent of a "Dean" himself, as the Library Director at two universities. In this field, he was a pioneer in some respects (as an administrator) in the growth of computer information technology. Some of the first such systems were employed in large academic libraries in the 1960s and 70s. My younger brother Sean and I can still recall, as boys of age 9-11 or so, when Dad proudly showed us the brand-new computer installed in a "restricted" place in his library. But we were extremely disappointed, since it did nothing the same as the computers we had seen on "Star Trek" or the "Jetsons" at the time! Dad would have been thrilled with the development of the internet that has enabled the creation of websites such as this one - allowing everyone to access and contribute to these important historical records. We have just recently uncovered a veritable treasure-trove of documents from Dad's time (although brief) on the Sumner - mostly consisting, so far, of letters home to his Mother - and Grandma kept them all well-organized, right down to the order in which they were received in mid-late 1945 (all still in their original envelopes!). We are sending some bits now, and will be sending more (including some faded but memorable photos taken on brief shore leave in Tokyo, from September 1945), which will take a while longer, but should be worth the wait! We would love to hear from anyone who might have known Dad. Thanks and Best Wishes to all....The Vigle Family: Greg, Sean, Silvana, and John

From:  Dirck Praeger  DPraeger@mda.mil
Date:   12 August 2009

I spent about 6 weeks on Sumner in the summer of '62 as a First Class USNA Midshipman. There were several of us from USNA, a few NROTC Mids and a couple of Italian Midshipmen. We joined the ship in early June in LaSpezia, Italy, and made several port calls to Naples, and one stop at Messina, Sicily, but that is all I remember for liberty ports. As I recall we didn't spend too much time at sea. But I do remember a swim call when we were out. We all left Sumner sometime around the end of August and headed back to the states. That cruise was my only tin can experience until 1971. I was commissioned in the Marine Corps when I graduated from USNA in 1963, and after a couple of tours in Vietnam, I ended up on a Med cruise in 1970-71. It was there I was reintroduced to destroyers. I am a somewhat prolific writer of sea stories, and one of them is about our destroyer experience. Sumner is mentioned in the story. Here's the link http://www.mofack.com/Navy_Destroyer_Marines.htm I'm afraid my Sumner story won't match up to some of the ones I've read on your website, but I fondly remember the short time I spent aboard her. I spent a career in the Marines and retired in 1983...26 years ago. Damn! Where has the time gone? Keep up the good work on the website. It brought back memories.

From:  George Morgan  george.c.morgan.ctr@navy.mil
Date:  26 June 2009

This may sound crazy but it is true. As a 3M Coordinator I was doing 2 kilo's for ship work scheduled. I went to the mess deck to work and they were holding field day and ran me off. So I went to our berthing compartment laid my paper work out and stretched my feet across the lockers and started doing the kilo's there. After about a half hour someone walked up. I didn't look up but moved my feet to get out of his way. He just stood there and didn't move. I looked up and he had khakis on and all I could see was silver on his collar. I started to stand up very quickly and he said "Sit down son, don't get up, you are working and I'm just looking around". I remained seated as told. I said excuse me sir I can't see your collar very well what are you? He stated I'm Admiral Haywood (I believe - not sure of his name but definitely an Admiral). I again started to snap to attention but he said "No, No, you just continue working I am the one in the way". He asked me, why are you doing all this paperwork down here? I explained this was the only place available right now. I was run off the mess decks and couldn't do it down in the hole, too dirty. He said "Well son it is nice meeting you and what is your name". I told him BT3 Morgan we shook hands and he left. About a half hour later Chief Westmoreland came down and said grab your box of paperwork and come with me and don't ask any damn questions - just follow me! I thought because I hadn't stood at attention I was in deep. I followed my Chief and didn't say a word because he was pretty fired up. I was thinking man I am in it bad for him to be so pissed. We walked forward and he stopped at some empty staterooms in the forward bow. He pointed to the stateroom and said "see this", I said yes. He said Admiral Haywood asked the Captain to provide you a place to work and this is it. If I catch you screwing off in this stateroom I will have your butt busted to a parade rest. Well I moved the rest of my paper work and worked out of there until discharged. I made sure I only worked in there - well, most of the time anyway.

From:  James D. Ince jamesince@bellsouth.net
Date:  17 April 2009

I went aboard the Sumner in November of 1957 after finishing sonar school in Key West. I left in June of 1960. It was a great experience for a 20 year old at the time I arrived aboard. After all these years it would be great to get in contact with some guys I served with and from your guest book e-mail list I will be contacting 5 or 6 that I knew. I will check into the next reunion also. Moving to Deland, Florida on July 1, 2009. Love to hear from some of the of sonar gang during that time frame.

From:  Jerry Scanlon  jerryscanl1@verizon.net
Date:   22 April 2009

Served aboard 1965 thru Oct 1967, hello to all  !

From:  Anthony R. Cozzi  cozziappraisals@earthlink.net
Date:  15 April 2009

Went aboard the Sumner DD-692 as the youngest guy in ’55 fresh out of second year high, left in ’59 as youngest guy aboard. Finished my kiddie cruise, 3 years and 9 months, on the Greene DDR-711.I was a radar man and ships artist while aboard the Sumner. I was the one who painted the logo on the stack on the way back from the Med. I’m a water person, a sailor at heart, I am now a captain on my own 30 foot Sea Ray, have several Sting Rays, and restore Corvettes. You old “SALTS” know what Corvettes are, if not, look it up, or call me at Cozzi’s Corvette Clinic 815-838-7006. The Sumner was a great ship. It saddens me that it doesn’t exist any more except in razor blades. It carried me on 4 trips to the Caribbean, 3 trips to the Med. And one to Northern Europe where I got my Blue Nose Certificate. Great memories. Great site. Being a captain is tough; I have one first mate, eight second mates, and eighteen third mates.

From:  Bob Kelly  B692@AOL.COM
Date:   17 March 2009

A warm Hello to all you Sumner sailors. It's that time of the year again when we get ready to enjoy another Allen M. Sumner Reunion. If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these functions, It would be in your Best Interest to do so. So get those registration forms in the mail as soon as possible. If you have any Questions contact myself or one of the other Officers and we would be Happy to answer any questions. Thank You, and see you in San Antonio. Bob Kelly

From:  Christopher D. Krull  christopherdkrull@yahoo.com
Date:  30 January 2009

My name is Chris Krull. I am saddened to report that my father, Duane Krull, passed away at his home in Laughlin, NV on January 27, 2009. He told me of some of his experiences, including his time on the Sumner. I wish I had more time to learn about this incredible man, it seems too short. If there is anyone that reads this who knew him, please say a prayer. He will truly be missed. God Bless You.

From:  Paul W. Nagel  Pnagel@co.wayne.mi.us
Date:  28 January 2009 

My father was on the Summer in 1945-1946. His name was Paul A. Nagel. He spoke about his Navy service with great respect and pride. He passed many years ago but is still in our hearts like I'm sure many former shipmates are in the hearts of their loved ones. This site was very helpful as we put together the family tree. I thank you for such a well put together site. I hope all his shipmates that are still alive are doing well. If anyone on this site remembers my father please contact me. I would like to hear about him in his younger years. Thank you. 

From: Robert Hutchinson  rhka2000@comcast.net
Date: 31 December 2008

My dad was on the Sumner from 55-58 and I was wondering if anyone remembered him. I wouldn't mind getting some photos if anybody that may have known him has any. His name is Harold R. Hutchinson. He was an FN. As an ex-sailor myself, Plankowner USS Monterey (CG-61), I know what it is like to keep in touch with shipmates.

From:  Anne Parham  anneparham@yahoo.com
Date:  15 August 2008

Christopher Francis Porter, 78, passed away peacefully at home on Sunday, March 4, 2007. Remaining to cherish his memory are his daughter Anne Parham and her husband Dave of Rio Rancho, and his son Christopher C. Porter of Denver , CO . Chris is also survived by his beloved grandsons, Jordan Porter of the family home, and Christopher S. Porter of Denver . His memory, his knowledge, his wisdom, and his sense of humor will remain forever in our hearts. We’ll miss you, Grampa! 

From:  Tom Stenson Tps3112@aol.com
Date:  6 August 2008 

My father, James Joseph Stenson, Jr. served aboard the Sumner during the later years of WWII and spoke about it often. We lost him a few years back and just wanted to thank the people that made this site possible for us to catch a glimpse of what our fathers, uncles, brothers and so forth endured. Thank you.

From:  Carlton Cain caincain@intrstar.net
14 July 2008

Hello. my name is Carlton Cain. My father served on the Allen M Sumner from 1946-48, his parents would not sign for him, told them he was eighteen. Daddy always talked a lot about how good the food was onboard. He worked in the boiler room area, and his work afterward was running boilers at a large manufacturing plant. We did not know of these reunions, I wish I could have taken him to one. He passed away on January 14th 2008, Although he was drafted and served in the Army also. We had a Navy Funeral. Came across this site tonight while remembering him, today he would have been 80. Great site, we have a lot of pictures he took and the pictures with the boat and shipmates looks like high school annual pictures with names and ranks. I salute all of you for your service thank you. His name was Morris Reece Cain from White Oak, N.C.

From:  Jonathan Roeck jroeck@wi.rr.com
Date:   22 June 2008

I am the oldest son of Chris S. Roeck (55 to 56), my Dad always talked very highly of his time in the navy, the places he got to go, and the people he got to meet. If you have any stories you could share I would greatly appreciate an email. My hat goes off to all of the armed forces for all they have done, and all they continue to do. So we can do what we want to do, and do it when we want to do it. Godspeed 

From:  Charlie Ericson the2oldies@bellsouth.net
Date:   04 June 2008

I served with the Sumner from March of 1950 to August to 1952., If there are any of my shipmates out there I would like to hear from you. Sonarman Charlie Ericson. 

From:  Bobby Moore BOMOO11@aol.com
Date:  15 May 2008

Morning to all; I would like to encourage those of you that have not been to a USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692 reunion to make plans to do so. This past reunion in Charleston S. C. was great, we had five plank owners, one was his first time. He looked like a kid with a new toy, smiles, talking to all, with a real look of enjoyment. Thank you Doctor Frame for coming and giving us kids the opportunity to meet first hand one of our heroes. May God continue to bless all. Thanks Bobby Moore, Association Chaplain.

From:  Kevin Downey kvd2001email@netzero.net
06 April 2008

Hello, crew families keeping America's dreams alive. My father, Walter V. Downey, was aboard the USS Allen M. Sumner during "the big one" in the Pacific. His stories sometimes reappear in my memory and I am always happy he was returned safe to America so I could be here. Your stories help me believe in this great country even more, and I thank each and every one of America's heroes as I see them in airports across the country, as I travel for my job about 40 weeks out of the year. I thank those who maintain this web site for the great job they are doing with it. I come back and look when I am remembering my dad, and need a "fix" of his old stories. My dad passed away 8-28-2003, and is the reason I moved up to the north shore of Lake Superior, his favorite spot in this big world. It is now my favorite place to come home to. Again, thank you all for the great forum, your service to America, and for keeping the memories alive.

From:  John Sullivan johnsma22@mac.com
15 February 2008  0108 EST

Hello, my name is John Sullivan. I am the youngest son of Francis Thomas Sullivan. My father served on the USS Allen M. Sumner 1951-1954 when she served in some capacity during the Korean war. He has told me many stories of the world cruise that she undertook as well. He has a gigantic certificate commemorating circumnavigating the globe. He has many, many color slides of his adventures during his time on the Sumner as well as a tattoo on his arm of Woody Woodpecker riding on a depth charge with the numbers 692 emblazoned on it! He also has the same large framed photograph of the ship and her crew that you have in the crew muster from 1953. He is the one sitting directly to the right of the sailor standing on the gun barrel on the closest turret. My father is 75 now and is still in excellent health. He will be thrilled when I tell him that I found all of you! I'm sure that he will want to come over and look at everything that you have painstakingly put together on this site, as he still hasn't come into the 21st century with regard to computers. I'm also sure that he will want to contact you himself, find some old friends and possibly provide you with some stories, documents and photographs of his time serving on the USS Sumner. He will be saddened to learn that she was not memorialized, but rather scraped by the navy.

From:  Diane Keilman deerwolf@frontiernet.net
Date:   24 November 2007  1734 EST

I am Diane Keilman, the youngest daughter of Richard Sementelli who proudly served in the US Navy from 1943 through 1945. He was present on the USS Allen M. Sumner when it was commissioned in the New York Navy Yard on January 26, 1944. He met many sailors from different backgrounds. He learned something from every one. He remembers them all. When you are a young sailor, you just perform your duties without thinking. Later in life you realize how lucky you are to be alive, and agonize for those that never made it home, and fellow sailors that die along life's journey. Let us all be patriotic and never forget our veterans and their sacrifice. God Bless You .

From:  Donna Neal  dotneal@yahoo.com
Date:   6 November 2007  1646 EST

My name is Donna Neal, I am the niece of Luther Joe "Luke" Carlisle (BM3 66-68) . I wanted to say a special thanks to Dan Coli. Because of his search for my uncle I have been able to see a part of his past. As was posted in the "What's New", my uncle passed away in 1983. He was a good man and I know that he would have loved to be a part of this website. It would be really nice if anyone had any stories of him to pass them along. We really miss him a lot and it is nice to have back in our lives in a way. Also, I want to thank all of you who served. I know from my uncle that it wasn't easy. I appreciate all you did to protect us.

From:  Leslie Alberts (ET3 51-53)  alberts16@msn.com
27 August 2007  1915 EST

I also stumbled upon the USS Allen M. Sumner web site.  I served aboard her from August 1951 until March 1953 as an ET3.  I was elated to see the name Bruno Caneva as one of the data providers to the site and saddened to  see the cross by his name in the list of crew members.  Prior to the Sumner I served aboard the USS Electron moored in Sasebo Japan as an electronics supply and repair ship.  My time aboard the AMS was one of the highlights of my life.  I have a son currently serving in Iraq in the Army; couldn't get him to go into the Navy.  What a treat to read the sea stories and copies of the logs.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Les Alberts

From:  Joshua Reyer  circlejar@gmail.com
Date:   21 August 2007  0031 EST

Hello.  My father, Jackie A. Reyer, served on the Allen M. Sumner from 1970-73.  He contributed to the guestbook back in 2000.  I'm afraid he passed on March 25, 2006, at the age of 56.  My father was always fiercely proud of his time in the Navy, and serving on the Sumner.  If anyone who knew or remembers him could email me with some of their reminisces, I would really appreciate it.  I would love to know more about this time in my father's life, before I was born. All the best, Joshua A. Reyer.

From:  Rich Nabuda  richnabuda@peoplepc.com
Alameda, CA
11 August 2007  0957 EST

I served on the USS Henley DD-762 (a Sumner Class) as 1st Class EM. I loved destroyers and destroyer duty. At the time there were only four destroyer classes; the Fletcher, Sumner, Gearing and Sherman. I served on the first three. Anyway after 37 years with the Navy I retired in 1997. I then went to work on the USS Hornet CVS-12 as the Chief Electrician restoring that magnificent ship. We are tied up at Pier 3, at the old Alameda Naval Air Station, Alameda, CA. Visit our website http://www.uss-hornet.org.

From:  Richard Vallery  ruvallery@sbcglobal.net
San Antonio, TX
9 May 2007  1813 EST

Hello guys! How lucky I am to have just discovered the web site of the USS Allen M. Sumner.  I served on board from April 1948 until January of 1952.  I just e-mailed a picture of the ship just in case you need it.  I'd like to add to the stories if I may. In checking the crew list I found many names of shipmates that I recall working with on the ship and I wonder if any of the are still around. They, like me would be 75 years of age or more.  I will continue to view the site for all of the information about the Sumner, it's missions and stories by the crew. Please know that I am grateful for the site and if I can contribute anything to the site, please let me know.

From:  Steve Dzuranin  sdzursr@nb.net
Date:   24 February 2007  1219 EST

Tried to sign your  guest list,  but Outlook Express  won't permit me, so will try to solve this glitch.  As for me, I came aboard  the Sumner around July 14,1945 at TI, leaving her in drydock in San Diego around April 15, 1946. I did not choose to witness  the "Eniweitok" atomic bomb blast.  I was a S1/c Fire Control Striker; the FC guys were a great group, always gentlemen.  I stayed with USNR. Upon earning a degree in  Chemistry, summer,1950, I passed a series of exams, I became an Ensign, January, 1951; retired as an LT. Was  18-19 while  on the ship; I  became an active  "80" last  20th  Feb., 2007. At this time, I plan to make my first reunion in Milwaukee, 20-23, September......A Proud Sumner Shipmate, Steve Dzuranin

From:  Beverly  bvga@locl.net
Loc:     LaGrange, IN
06 February 2007  1514 EST

My Dad, Walter H. VanGorp, was drafted & served on the USS Allen M. Sumner from 1943-1945. He is 87 now, in fairly good health.  He perks up when we talk about his Navy days.  He was from So. Holland, Ill.  if you remember him contact me by email if you would like.  Thank you to all who fought for our freedom!

From:  Mary Powers  mppowers1@verizon.net
Date:  30 December 2006  2034 EST

My deceased husband John D. Powers served on the Sumner during WWII. I am curious to know if any of his shipmates recall serving with John. If so I would be happy to hear from them. John never spoke of his time in the service. The children and I would enjoy hearing from his former shipmates. Thanks, Mary Powers.

From:  Steve "Dilly" DiLorenzo stevedilorenzo@comcast.net
Tewksbury, MA
5 December 2006  1800 EST

I served aboard the Sumner from 1961-1962.  I am looking to locate Frank Skarnulis (Chicago), Doug Payne (Tampa, Florida), Jack Vitchcock and Joe Kearns not sure where they were originally from.  Would like to touch base by the internet if you ever check the guestbook of the Sumner.  If you remember me please drop in and we can talk by e-mail.

From:  Bob "the fox" Weld  sheeplieranch@gobrainstorm.net
Loc:    Bayfield, CO
10 November 2006  1553 EST

I served aboard Sumner from 1956-1960 for the last 2 years in the after engine room and would like to know if anyone out there might know a guy named Jim Arner he was from Pennsylvania. somewhere also a guy named Tom Ward he was from Detroit, Michigan. If anyone knows either of these guys please e-mail me or even if you remember me it would be nice to hear from you.

From:  Deborah Sapp  dlrsnc@yahoo.com
Owensboro, KY
31 October 2006  0643 EST

I am looking for any one who might remember my father-in-law. Otis Paul Sapp. He said he took off on the Wakefield on Dec 4 1945 and came home on the Breckenridge in 1946.

From:  Jim Huntington  treeman@consolidated.net
Effingham, IL
18 October 2006  1506 EST

I was on the USS Black DD-666, 1955-1959 as a Gunners Mate. Great web site.

From:  Marge Kehres and Marisol Boatwright  boatwrim@bellsouth.net
Greenville, SC
06 October 2006  1925 EST

My husband/father served on the Sumner in 1973. His name was QM2 Robert L. Kehres. He passed away almost a month ago - September 9, 2006. He loved his nation, ships and the NAVY. He served active duty for 24 years and retired as a QMC in 1983 from the USS Aubrey Fitch - FFG 34. His last request was to have a military funeral. So we gave him one with taps, flag and a 21 gun salute. We miss him dearly.

From:  Joe "Doc" Kralich  cruisingyeti@yahoo.com
Pueblo, CO
08 September 2006  0032 EST

My Father Joseph Kralich was a young teenager on the USS Cooper. He left us in 1993.  He served four decades in the US Navy; not enough he also worked for the Navy after he was just "Chief Kralich." I will copy his notes on Ormoc Bay and such; and send, he was actually one of those gunners that went down but he got out via a ammo shoot or whatever it was after the Cooper sank, luck runs in the family his brother was on the USS Vincennes, a total bit of horrific loss earlier in WWII. I joined the Army; the sea was not for me. Bless All of you.

From:  Scott Fennell  Elscotty42@bluebottle.com
Palm Coast, FL
03 September 2006  2331 EST

Thank you for this great site. I know my dad, BT3 Carl Fennell, would love this site since he loved the ship he served on. Once again thank you - scotty.

From:  Sonia (Yanok) Patterson  firefly31_us@yahoo.com
Gray Court, SC
03 September 2006  0455 EST

Looking for photos and information on my dad; RDC George Yanok, Jr. (65 to 68).  Thanks for the insight into his past.

From:  Roger Longfield  cchurc9395@aol.com
Sun City, AZ
14 August 2006  1006 EST

Trying to locate Roger Vickery (GM3 53-56), last known address was in Belleview Ohio. Email me or phone at 623-581-2944.

From:  Mike Best  WESTPAC851@AOL.COM
Houston, TX
31 July 2006  1431 EST


From:  CWO3 James M. Menegos U. S Army (Retired)  JIMsGenealogy@netscape.com
McDonough, GA
11 July 2006  1945 EST

Great Site. Was asked by my Cousin who served with the Sumner, he was Air Force but did the radio work for her. He is Steve Lesko. Keep up the great work and thanks for all who served. I am retired, U.S. Army, but did take a ride on the USS Breckenridge from 19 Apr 1963 to 9 May 1963 from Korea to the States.

From:  Tim Pike  Tim.pike@insightbb.com
Henderson, KY
28 June 2006  1710 EST

Haven't checked in for awhile. My dad Joseph R Pike served on the Sumner from 1944-46 as a GM3c. He is doing great, regrets not coming to Branson last fall. He is nearing 83 and fit as a fiddle. Disregard the old e-mail contact in the guestbook as it has changed to the address listed here!

From:  Barry Good  eugene-jean@hotmail.com
Gaithersburg, MD
Date:  23 June 2006  1329 EST

Looking for Joe Ostrum onboard 1963/1964.

From:  Lester Schumacher OSC, USNR (Ret)  Schumacher223@aol.com
Loc:    Hanover, PA
22 June 2006  0755 EST

First visit. Served aboard the AMS 71-73. Was a Selres crewmember. Have many great memories of those times. BZ on an outstanding site. Will look in my archives of memories to pass on. Haze Gray And Underway.

From:  Joe Pritchett  joep@aol.com
Montgomery, AL
11 June 2006  1158 EST

Have not checked in with you guys in a long time. Served on AMS 1960-1963 in the radio gang. Many good times at sea and in foreign ports. two MED cruises, Cuban Crisis, FRAM II, Etc. I keep in touch occasionally with Charles Collings also AMS 1960-1963 and Gil Stiff (QM) same time period. Would like to contact Walter "WALLY" Wayne Shupe. Will check back later.

From:  Terry Trumpower  trumptrump@neo.rr.com
14 May 2006  1131 EST

I'm an old service craft sailor from San Diego, USS Cusseta YTM-405. Later USS Hancock CVA-19 out of San Francisco. Spent many of days out in the West Pacific. I came across your great website and I had to sit a spell.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories. Question? Has anyone had the pleasure to serve with Bob Hibbert DK3 ?

From:  Bob Arganbright, BMC (ret.)  bobargan@hotmail.com
San Diego, CA
13 May 2006  1856 EST

Hi, I just got off the phone with Tony Cowart, who was on the Sumner when I checked aboard July of 1964 fresh out of bootcamp. I left the Sumner in June of 1966 with a lot of good memories and a good start to a 20-year career in the Navy.  Hope to hear from some old shipmates!

From:  Charlie Sandberg  ilwacoguy@yahoo.com
Ilwaco, WA
07 May 2006  1431 EST

Served aboard the Sumner 1964-1965, then transferred to the USS Nereus (sub tender) in San Diego. Remained on the west coast after discharge. Lived in LA, Portland, OR and now living in Ilwaco. I retired from the Air Force reserve and Boeing Airplane Company in 2002.

From:  Ray McLane  napmaw2002@yahoo.com
York, PA  
Date:  06 May 2006  2247 EST

Trying to locate Edward R. "Eddie" Fronte, from New York City who was on the Sumner with me.  Anyone having any information or leads please leave a message or e-mail me.

From:  Andy Sumner  andysum15@hotmail.com
Northfield, VT
17 April 2006  1123 EST

Having only lived in the USA since 2003, I was doing some research and came across your excellent site. I am ex-Royal Air Force and ex-Royal Navy Reserve. During my RAF service I served for 2 years at United States Navy Base Thurso, Scotland as Receiver Deck Maintenance Supervisor. I have always been interested in military history so to find anything with my family name is extra special. Keep up the good work. Glad to hear she was a good ship.

From:  Edward J. VanSciver  eaglepress@verizon.net
Burlington, NJ
01 April 2006  0841 EST

1956-1958, 3 Great Years!

From:  Charles T. Surma  csfavor3@yahoo.com
Clinton Twp., MI
Date:  05 March 2006  1619 EST

Most TIN-CAN sailors will say their Destroyer was the best. But there was something about the USS ALLEN M. SUMNER (DD-692) that set her apart from the rest. I think those ships' that we designated first ship in their class are special--but the Allen M. Sumner went beyond that--- Maybe it is for the Marine Corps Captain ALLEN MELANCTHON SUMNER for whom the ship was named after, I don't know? But what ever the reason it was a shame that the Allen M. Sumner was sold for scarp. If any ship should have been kept as "HONOR" ship from our past Naval history, it should have been DD-692-WWII- Korea-Vietnam-Cold War (Cuba), etc. What do you think?

From:  Glenn C. Simpson  navtrav@yahoo.com
Paducah, KY
17 February 2006  2025 EST

I was Flag Yeoman aboard the SUMNER in 1957 to 1958 and worked for Capt. B. B. Cheatem, COMDESRON SIXTEEN.  I would be pleased and honored to hear from some of the shipmates, especially a Gunner's Mate First Class that was aboard it with me.

From:  John O'Callaghan
Loc:    Bargara, Queensland, Australia
17 February 2006  0304 EST

Hi, just a greeting from an ex Aussie sailor who served in HMAS Hobart on the gunline in Vietnam in 1967 and 1970. We worked with Sumner a few times and I had a few beers with some of your crew members in Subic from time to time. Can't remember any names but they were interesting times. Good luck and smooth sailing.

From:  Bob Kearns  firecontrol692@earthlink.net
Deale, MD
14 February 2006  0715 EST

The All Hands magazine entries are especially appreciated by us guys who had dads aboard tin cans in WWII. My dad served aboard four pipers in the Pacific theater and I'm sure he really caught his breath when he first saw the new Sumner Class cans steam out with a mighty (and deadly accurate) 216% more firepower than the four stacks.  Thank you so much for bringing this real-life, real-time history to all of us and keep those All Hands comin'!

From:  Joseph Angelo Berlando  Lostnfiji2@cox.net
Washington, NC
8 February 2006  0042 EST

My father, Joe Berlando crewed the Sumner as a BM1. He passed away on October 20, 2000.  I will be very pleased to speak with any former Navy buddies and will share copies of prints, pictures and the like.  My father and I were best friends. I miss him dearly.

From:   John Friedel Jr  jfriedel@acafla.com
Jacksonville, FL
25 January 2006  1424 EST

I just found out about this website. I think it's awesome. My father GMGC John Thomas Friedel served on the Sumner sometime during '68. I was born in Jan. '67 while he was in Viet Nam and apparently was on the Sumner right after that. Unfortunately, he passed in Sept. '97 but he was a "Lifer" and I heard many stories of Navy adventures. I know he was on the ship for only a short time, but if somebody remembers him please shoot me an email to relate one more story. I miss him a lot. Thanks guys, John Friedel.

From:  Betty L. Perez  perezlo@cybrzn.com
Menominee, Michigan
12 January 2006  2048 EST

My Father, Donald Leroy Joseph served aboard the Allen M. Sumner.  He was a torpedoman. He was injured in a fire aboard the ship during the battle in Ormoc Bay the night of December 2, 1944. He received the Purple Heart.   He passed away 20 years ago.

From:  Alfred Powers  al.powers@verizon.net
Loc:    Freeport, NY
02 January 2006  1341 EST

I served on the Allen M Sumner from 1944-1945. I was a Seaman First Class and a sight setter on 5"/38 Mount 51. My daughter bought me this computer so I would be able to visit this website. I enjoy reading this website.

From:  Lowell & Pat Wilds  Lwilds24@cs.com
Taylors, SC
14 December 2005  1225 EST

My wife's dad served on the Sumner and received a purple heart for that service. I believe he was a torpedoman. His name was Donald Joseph and he passed away about 20 years ago. Great guy, great hunter and fisherman. Lived and worked in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  I served in the a branch of naval service, United States Marine Corps.

From:  Norman M. Ellis  nxmxellis@yahoo.com
Merrimack, NH
Date:   03 December 2005  1800 EST

Compliments to the web staff for an absolutely first class job of collecting and presenting the story of one of the Navy's finest destroyers.  I was an electronics technician assigned aboard the Sumner, joined while in dry dock at Norfolk in 1957, made the ensuing Caribbean cruise, North Atlantic cruise and Mediterranean cruise. Don Tillotson ran the ET shack during that time, and I remember Bob Smith who handled radar, and Roy Varcoe, plus a couple others whose names will come to me eventually. I mostly hung out with the guys in the radio shack, CIC radar gang, sonar shack and the Fire Control Techs. These were good shipmates, and mustering out from the Sumner was the end of a wonderful ride.  After the Med cruise I was re-assigned to the E. A. Greene DD-711, since the Sumner was booked for another cruise which would have run past the end of my enlistment.

From:  Charlie Peller  carpntr63@yahoo.com
Lansing, MI
Date:   02 December 2005  0953 EST

My grandfather served aboard USS Allen M. Sumner during WWII. He was one of the sailors injured in a fire onboard. He received the Purple Heart for this. My mother has this along with a photo of the ship my grandfather had rolled up like it was kept in his pocket. Also, I have an American flag that we believe was flown on the Sumner during the war. My grampa's name was Don Joseph. He passed away 20 years ago. If any of you recognize his name, please contact me as I am trying to find out more about him. I was also in the Navy and am proud that I served my country, even though it was not during war. Sincerely, Charlie Peller

From:  Tony Cowart  rcowarta@bellsouth.net
DeLand, FL
18 November 2005  1319 EST

Do you remember how much money you made when you were in the service?  Go to http://www.dod.mil/dfas/money/milpay/priorpay/ and bring back the memories!

From:  Christopher McGinnis  WestHamPS60@hotmail.com
Livonia, MI
Date:   6 November 2005  2136 EST

My Grandfather, Eugene McGinnis, served on the Sumner in 46-47.  He passed away in 2004, and I'm just now learning about his legacy.  He was a great man, and am happy I found this site as I can find out more about what happened as he was a bit quiet about it. Thanks for starting this site, it's really helped me in seeing what he witnessed!

From:  Steve R. Mitchell  srm90292@yahoo.com
Westlake Village, CA
27 October 2005  1629 EST

My father served aboard this vessel during WWII. His name was James Edward Mitchell, and I'm proud to see his name listed here. He passed away in 1987.

From:  Edward Stephens  evcookie@aol.com
Branson, Mo
  25 October 2005  1546 EST

I served on the Allen M. Sumner DD692 from 62 to 64. I was a seaman who transferred into the Gunners Mate Division. I worked on the forward 5 inch 38 gun. It took on a lot of water and we had to work hard to keep her clean. Many memories from those two years. Thanks, Ed

From:  Earnie Burton  burnieurton@yahoo.com
Bimble, Kentucky
15 October 2005  2138 EST

Very much enjoyed browsing your web site.  I served aboard U.S.S. Dehaven (DD727) from 1971-73.  Many of the sights (and sounds) on your site are familiar to me, as I was also a member of a twin 5" mount aboard Dehaven, being a pointer.  I went on to serve aboard 4 more ships, and retire in 1992, as an OTA1.  Your site brought back a lot of memories.  Very well done!

From:  Wayne A. Holcomb  onewing@centurytel.net
13 Oct 2005  0808 EST

My father, George Allen Holcomb, speaks fondly of his time aboard the USS Sumner in the 1950s. He is attempting to get a hold of some of his shipmates. He was a Third Class Sonarman from 1956 to 1959.  Please return answers to my E-mail address.

From:   Larry (Chris) Christensen FTG3  larrychris512@netscape.net
Okla. City , Ok
5 October 2005  0959 EST

I was on the AMS from 67-69. It was honestly the time of my life. This website is indicative of the Sumner spirit-the very best effort-by the very best sailors-Thanks for the memories.

From:  Travis Glenn  travisab1@yahoo.com
Sturgis, SD
5 October 2005  0756 EST

I served onboard the USS Bausell DD845 from 1961 to 1964. I see the USS Sumner DD692 went through almost the same ordeal as the Bausell back then. It's good to see fellow Tin Can riders of the deep out there. I don't know for sure about your ship but mine should have been named after a fish. We spent almost as much time under the water at times as we did above the water.  Good website folks. Visit our website at http://www.ussbausell.com/ sometime and sign our guest book as a fellow Tin Canner. Smooth sailing all.

From:  Jim Ingram  jelingram@comcast.net
McHenry, IL
21 September 2005  0936 EST

My father - Lester L. Ingram told me many stories about being aboard the Sumner during WW2.

From:  Franklin J. Modley  fpmodley@charter.net
16 September 2005  0817 EST

I served on the USS Allen M. Sumner, 1955 to November1957.  Thanks for a job well done.

From:  Ken Dobbie (ex CPO)  kdobbie@bigpond.com
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
26 August 2005  0218 EST

I served in HMAS Hobart and I recall memories of the battles we fought together in Vietnam in 1967, especially the engagement of enemy shore batteries at Kein Giang River, Vin Ang military area, Cap Lay and the Truc Li ferry complex.

From:  Don Hodges  Kado@MailAKA.Net
Loc:     Leon Springs, Texas
24 August 2005  0843 EST

1960 through 1963 RD3 looking for other crew members that may, or may not, remember me.  I have connection with William P. Simon RD2, when I last saw him on board, and Ronald Stirpakensteinbergergoldstein RD3, again as he was when I last remember.  Was wondering if anyone remembers Rendrag LTJG Division Officer for 'O' Division?  Any other would be great to hear from.

From:  Jon Holford  jonholford@hotmail.com
Cork, Ireland
24 August 2005  0338 EST

This is BY FAR the best ship's website I have seen, and I spend a lot of time researching British and US small warships of her era.  I remember AMS in Malta in the 50s but was never on board.  BZ to all of you for giving her such complete "virtual life"! Visiting your site is nearly as good as visiting the ship herself.

From:  John T. Duncan  jtdzntz@aol.com
Greencastle, Indiana
23 August 2005  2314 EST

I just wanted to say that this is a great site. My father is Thomas J. Duncan that served aboard the Sumner between 59' and 64'. He was a BM3. I was simply looking for some sort of memorabilia from his Navy days for him for Christmas when I came upon this site. My father is very proud of the time he spent in the Navy, and I believe it is because of the great guys he served with. Thank you very much for having this site for me to give my Dad a little bit of his past.

From:  Jim Schilling SHC(SW) (Ret.) jschilling@kitcol.com
Centralia, WA
Date:  16 August 2005  1813 EST

I was on board 70-71. I served on a lot of ships during my career, but the one that will never be forgotten was the USS Sumner. Nor the good times living in the Mayport trailer with the snipes. How are you guys doing out there? Mort, Randy, Chipmunk, Kelly, and the rest, who shared that fine residence.

From:  Vernon Yielding  vyielding@cox.net
Baton Rouge, LA
24 July 2005  1217 EST

I, like everyone else, wonder what happened to.......! I just want all to know, I am doing well. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Marvin S. Baker, electrician. He went by the name of Steve. He was aboard during the mid 60's. My e-mail is changed to vyielding@cox.net. Instead of @msn.

From:  Harry Schrenk  hls1234@pure.net
Nathalie, VA
23 July 2005  1607 EST

I was on the USS Allen M. Summer from 1972 until her last day. Most of my time on her I was a mess cook, lol !  But I am glad to say I was on the SUMMER. 
I had a lot of good times on there and Mary's Bar. I was know as SA Schrenk. Thanks for a great web page. I wish I still had all my pictures of her, I would send them to you but my ex burned then all!

From:  John Moale III  jmoale@hotmail.com
Loc:    Duluth, GA
Date:  22 July 2005  0922 EST

Great website !! The coverage of the historic dive on the USS COOPER in May is super. Can't wait to see the film and book in the future. The Battle of Ormoc Bay will not be forgotten thanks to Rob Lalumiere and Bigfoot Productions crew.

From:  Walter Van Gorp  josher@mailaka.net
Loc:     Rome City, Indiana
Date:   22 June 2005  2314 EST

Just found this website and was looking for information on an old crewmate, Richard Wise from Ohio served about 44-45.  If anybody has information, please email me.

From:  Larry D Gillenwater  Home_appliance_service@yahoo.com
Loc:    Winston Salem, NC
Date:  12 June 2005  1629 EST

My father, who passed away 10 years ago, was Cecil D. Gillenwater, I went with him aboard the ship when I was about 8 years old, I found a picture of him with the signal gang, which I printed for my sons and grandsons, the ship was at Norfolk at the time, many thanks to all, Larry D Gillenwater.

From:   Daniel Foster  rdanielf@ix.netcom.com
Loc:     Los Angeles, CA
Date:   07 June 2005  0427 EST

Great site!  It's making archive photo research a snap for the upcoming Ormoc Bay documentary.  Thanks!        - DF / Director / Writer

From:  Gary Manning  NewThundera2@yahoo.com
Loc:     Walton, KY
Date:    03 June 2005  2357 EST

I am the Son of Eddie Manning he served aboard the Allen M. Sumner from 1965 to 1968 and I was wondering if anyone had a picture of him from his days aboard.  Thank You.

From:  Tim Pike  tim.pike@insightbb.com
Loc:    Henderson, KY
Date:  01 June 2005  1034 EST

I love to check on this site from time to time to keep my Dad up to date on his former ship. His name is Joseph R. Pike and he served on the ship from 1944-46. He is nearing 81 now & in great shape!

From:  Eddie Throckmorton  aftsnipe1@yahoo.com
Loc:    Dallas, TX
Date:   18 May 2005  1215 EST

Great website! I learned about it from Tony Cowart one of Sumner's former crewmembers. I served on USS DeHaven DD727 which was a Sumner class DD, homeported in Yokosuka, Japan 61-63. At that time was a MMFN in the after engineroom. From what I have learned from NavSource.org Sumner was very similar to DeHaven, FRAM, variable depth sonar, helo deck,& etc. I am glad to have served in DD`s & look back with pride on the physically demanding life we lived in a destroyer engineroom.

From:  Barbara Gershman  Barnone62@aol.com
Loc:    So. Toms River, NJ
Date:   08 May 2005  2007 EST

I am the daughter of Edward John Taylor, he was also know as 'Brod' by friends and family.  I am sad to report that my dad passed away last year.  He had told me a few of his navy stories over the years and I would love to hear from anyone who may remember him.  I actually found his photo on this site under Harold Jackson's pictures. The photo reads (L) FA Ralph Ellis, my father is the one on the right (without his shirt).  Thank you.

From:  Thomas E. Mitchell  Laurie_Mitchell@msn.com
Loc:    Selah, WA
Date:   04 May 2005  2137 EST

I come back to the Sumner website every now and then to remember.  Every time I do, it's like taking a trip back in time.  Good Times, good people, good memories.

From:  Robynn Munger   robnzach@msn.com
Loc:     White Oak, TX
Date:    01 May 2005  1411 EST

I am the daughter of SFC Donald "Don" R. Munger - I believe that he worked in the laundry(?)  I would love to hear from anyone who served with my Dad - he was discharged in June 1946.

Webmasters note: Robynn's dad was actually on the USS Sumner (AGS-5), this is why our ship is known by the full name of Allen M. Sumner.

From:  Maurice Warren   maurice@dd-692.com
    Marshall, TX
Date:   02 April 2005  1944 EST

You told about Harry Speakup as an April fool joke but I remember him on the Viet Nam cruise.  He was in "S" Division.  He slept in the middle rack between Stores and Scotty. See you all in Branson.

From:  Ed Williams   subwill@aol.com
    Richmond, Va.
Date:   29 March 2005  1606 EST

Amen. I think we all feel the same!

From:  Bob Kearns   firecontrol692@earthlink.net
    Deale, Maryland
Date:   29 March 2005  1316 EST

Hey Fred and Joe! You guys work your tails off to give the Sumner crew the Navy's best website and reunion. We really appreciate all you've done to keep our memories alive and fresh within us. Many thanks, many times.

From:  Thomas Adasiewicz   tadasiewicz@verizon.net
Loc:    Chicopee, MA
Date:   26 March 2005  1812 EST

It is nice to be a part of something as nice and up-to-date like this.

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Loc:    Website Headquarters
Date:   26 March 2005  1200 EST

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