U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
John "Jack" Judd's photo collection


John, Kenneth Darrow SA and Jose J. Gallegos TMSN from the early 1950's.
TM3 Roy C. Noakes and TM3 Carl E. Moorehead in Japan Torpedo Gang 1952 (L-R)  TM3 Roy C. Noakes, TM3 Carl E. Moorehead, SA Henry J. Koabel, TM2(T) Robert J. Bruce, SN Robert Kleeman and John
Enjoying a beer at Bunnies Bar (L-R) John, HN Charlie Farrell , TMC Roy W. Ward and his wife, SN Ronald N. Weston 
John and TM3 Carl E. Moorehead

Second Division

April 23, 1953

Crossing the Equator - May 31, 1953

BTC Frederick S. Bayersdorfer and TMC James D. Brawner
John and BM3 Mike Tomosovich
Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - May 25, 1953
TM3 Carl E. Moorehead
On Patrol in Korea

Crossing the International Date Line - September 23, 1953

Order of the Golden Dragon
San Francisco - October 5, 1953
The Golden Gate Bridge

The Panama Canal - October 22, 1953

A waterfall as we go through one of the cuts

Norfolk, the C&E Piers and Home - October 27, 1953

Captain Lynch was waiting for us Captain O'Rourke and Captain McKinney greet Captain Lynch

Jack also visited a few non-Navy establishments
Just for safety purposes of course!

Many thanks to John for scanning and forwarding these pieces of our history