U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Kelly Brown's Photo Collection

Kelly's photographic history of the Vietnam Deployment begins with our first combat assignment, shotgun for the USS Long Beach. The collection has been broken into a series of pages to facilitate your loading and viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Kelly for letting me borrow his collection for all to enjoy. Click on the thumbnail for the section you would like to view.

March 24 to April 5, 1967 - Our first assignment in the Combat Zone was as shotgun for the USS Long Beach (CGN-9), which she was serving on Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone (PIRAZ) Station duty controlling all aircraft in the Northern Tonkin Gulf - 11 images.

April 6 to August 1, 1967 - While operating off the coast of North and South Vietnam, Sumner was replenished with fuel, ammunition, food, repair parts and personnel by helicopter, and many different types of auxiliary ships. This is what enabled us to remain on station as long as 42 days at a stretch - 19 images.

March 24 to September 11, 1967 - Friends, views and portraits taken aboard our home throughout the cruise - 32 images.

May 28 to  July 28, 1967 - We took a few breaks during from operations and visited Subic Bay, The Philippines, Sasebo, Japan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Hong Kong, BCC and Nah Trang, Vietnam - 41 images.

September 4 to September 5, 1967 - Sumner enters the Realm of King Neptune and celebrates with Pollywog Day on the Fourth and Shellback Initiation on the Fifth - 13 images.

August 2 to September 11, 1967 - The long voyage home with stops at Midway Island, San Francisco, Acapulco, the Panama Canal and Mayport - 43 images.