U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Knots and Lines
Vol. 1 Edition 3 - 4 August 1946

Shipmate Don Laufer sent us a copy of "Knots and Lines", the official newspaper of the Sumner during Operation Crossroads. The original is a 56 year old mimeograph that has been further copied and then scanned, so we apologize in advance for the quality. It has been scanned at a resolution larger than we normally do so that, hopefully, you will be able to read most of this very interesting publication, as a result these files run in size from 280 to 460 KB. Click on the page you would like to review for the enlarged version.

Vinegar Joe & Nuts visit the AMS

Bill forwarded for GI's to get Furlough Pay

USS Saratoga hits the bottom of Bikini Lagoon

Ted Williams hits double for the Red Sox

Just for Fun

Deck Ape and Smoke Eater News Steps to Success How to make a pair of Skivvies Navy Buys Hole The new Coke machine

Many thanks to Don for copying and forwarding these documents on to us