U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 50's

The collection of Bobby Bayles (53) includes his Boot Camp photo which he wanted to share with everybody that wound up going to the cold of Great Lakes!
The collection of Benedict A. Caccia (51-53) including 181 images from the 1953 Korean War Deployment.
The collection of Donald G. Cassady (51-55) including 515 images from Santiago, Cuba, and Italy in 1951, at sea OPS, and Mayport 1952 , San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1953, the 1953 Korean War Deployment.and 1954 visits to Halifax, Londonderry and Barcelona.

 The collection of Dick Foran (58-60) including 2 images from around the ship and 2 images showing the results of "Heavy Weather"

The collection of Gordon Headley (58) including 4 items from his paper trail featuring membership in the USS Allen M. Sumner DD692 Short Timer Club

The collection of John Gentile (52-55) including 8 images taken during a shipyard overhaul period
The collection of Lew Grasso (52-55) including 73 images from the 1953 Korean Around-the-World cruise.  More to come!

The collection of Harold Jackson (51-55) including 83 images from the Korean Deployment, the visit to Barcelona in 1954, his Greenhouse in 2005 and the 2006 Blind Veterans of America Convention

The collection of John Judd (50-54) including 23 images from the Korean Deployment and the early 1950's

The collection of Don Marion (50-52) including 45 images from Sumner's visit to Albany, NY, out on deck and underway replenishment - refueling at sea, Reunion '99, GITMO, Norfolk, Jamaica, Naples, Venice, Newfoundland and Izmir.

The collection of Jim McDonald (53-54) including 4 images with a 1953 shot of "O" Division.

The collection of Walt Meierdierks (49-53) including 31 images beginning with our prayer and shots of his home in Great Lakes, Illinois, the famous "paper trail", a stint in the Army, touchable memories and Woody

The collection of Ron Peloquin (55-59) including 4 images from his "paper trail" and Portsmouth, Virginia

 The collection of Chris Roeck (56-58) including 52 images from the "Med Cruise," Norfolk and Washington, DC

The collection of Larry Sheppard (54-56) including "before and after" photos, 1956 Visitor's Day pamphlet and the famous Woody patch

The collection of Carl Shopp (51-55) including 7 images from Boot Camp, Drydock in Boston and at sea

The collection of Ralph Stamp (52-55) including 32 images from Ireland, Norway and the Norfolk Operations area 

The collection of George Stroebel (49-52) including 13 images from Boot Camp, Albany, Christmas, Boston Shipyard and shipmates then and now

The collection of Gary Vogel (58-59) including 41 images from the 1958 Med cruise, in port,  at sea. and Scurvy Day

The collection of Jim Walker (53-55) including 48 images from OPS on the East Coast, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean

 The collection of Charles "Ed" Williams (58-61) including 17 images from the 1959 deployment to the Med and Persian Gulf

The collection of Bill Wunderlin (52-55) including 40 images from Sumner's Korean War around the World tour

Other images from Marc Piché, Robert Cieri, Joe Gall, Carlo Martinelli, the Internet and various publications, currently 10 images are included

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