U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Mediterranean November 1950 - March 1951

Scenes of Izmir, Turkey from Don Marion's collection

Official Ship's Deck Log - 1950
Official Ship's Deck Log - 1951

Sumner got underway for it's first Mediterranean Deployment on 24 November 1950 in company with the USS Moale (DD-693), USS Robert K. Huntington (DD-781) and USS Ingraham (DD-694). After a quick stop at the Yorktown Naval Ammunition Depot to pick up depth charges she headed across the Atlantic. On the next day DC2 Norman Brissette was lost at sea as we once again learned the lessons of the "Cruel Sea". 

December 4th found the Sumner at His Majesty's Dockyard in Gibraltar and then operations with the Sixth Fleet arriving in Augusta Bay, Sicily on the 11th and operated from there until arriving in Naples on the 20th. She remained in Naples over the holidays before beginning operations again on 2 January 1951. On 5 January Sumner and the USS Shea (DMS-30) moored in Trieste, Free Territory for a week before proceeding to Venice for a few days R&R.

On January 18th she visited Pireaus the port for Athens overnight before more operations and a brief return to Augusta Bay where Admiral Carney was in command aboard the USS Columbus (CA-74). Back at sea, Sumner operated as a part of Task Group 160.2 with the USS Roosevelt (CVB-42), USS Newport News (CA-148) USS Roanoke (CL-145) and USS Wright (CVL-49) until 29 January when she was again in Augusta Bay. In early February Sumner was back in Naples before steaming to Palermo, Sicily arriving on 6 February followed by more operations with Task Force 160. On 17 February she anchored in Phaleron Bay for another visit to Athens. The 21st found Sumner standing out for passage to Izmir, Turkey arriving the next day. U.S. Ambassador Wadsworth came aboard on the 28th and was transported to the Greek island of Rhoades before she again joined Task Force 160 and firing exercises.

March found the Sumner operating from Soudha (Suda) Bay, Crete until arriving in Golfe Juan, France on the 16th. On the 19th DesDiv 22 and the USS Wright (CVL-49) began the journey home arriving in Norfolk on the 31st.

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