U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Mediterranean/Persian Gulf - September 1960 to March 1961

Sumner in Cannes and the coast of Aden, a part of Ernie Dauzat's Photo Collection

Official Ship's Deck Log - 1960

Official Ship's Deck Log - 1961

Captain Porterfield's letters home

The Gerald Morris Photo Collection

Sumner got underway from Mayport with DesDiv 161 on the morning of September 21st. Included in the Division were Sumner, USS Moale (DD-693), USS Ingraham (DD-694) and USS Bigelow (DD-942), they were joined later by other units of Squadron 16; USS Sperry (DD-697) and USS Zellars (DD-777). The crossing complete, she entered Rota, Spain on 3 October where she joined the Sixth Fleet and after refueling got underway for Genoa, Italy as escort for the USS Saratoga (CVA-60). After 4 days of flight operations, Sumner arrived in Genoa on the 7th remaining for a week before continuing on to Naples, arriving there on the 18th. Continuing her travels about the Med, she steamed from Naples on the 28th bound for Cannes, France where the anchor was dropped on the 29th. 

November found Sumner operating off Cannes with the Saratoga on day and overnight operations. On the 4th, after weighing anchor she sailed independently for Athens, Greece anchoring in Phaleron Bay on the 8th. The anchor was again brought in as Sumner got underway for Beirut, Lebanon mooring at the Eastern Mole on the 14th. Heading south on the 17th she made steam for Port Said, Egypt and the Suez Canal.  Arriving in Port Said on the 18th Sumner entered the Canal near midnight and completed the transit late the next afternoon where she relieved the USS Bristol (DD-857) as the U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf area. Her first port of call was Aden in the Aden Protectorate where she moored on the 24th. Underway for patrol in the vicinity of Vic Perim Island on the 26th until she moored in Djibouti, French Somaliland on the morning of the 30th.

December 2nd found Sumner on patrol again heading back to Aden while patrolling the Straits of El Mandeb. Once again in Aden on the 8th for fuel she departed the next day enroute to Massawa, Ethiopia patrolling Large Strait, Bab El Mandeb. Anchoring at the oil terminal in Massawa on the 16th she again headed for Aden the next day while patrolling in the vicinity of Isola Gebel Teir Island. Arriving in Aden on the 23rd  where she remained for Christmas, getting underway again on the 26th for Sitra, Bahrain. She moored in Bahrain on the 31st where she again teamed up with the USS Ingraham.  

With the New Years over, Sumner got underway with the USS Duxbury Bay (AVP-38) on the 2nd of January for Kharg Island anchoring there on the 3rd remaining until the 6th. She then proceeded to Sitra, Bahrain, refueling there on the 8th and continuing on to Aden. She anchored briefly in Aden and then began the journey north to Port Suez. Anchoring overnight in Port Suez on the 19th she made the northerly transit of the Canal on the 20th and proceeded to Piraeus, Greece with the Saratoga anchoring in Phaleron Bay on the 23rd. The 25th found her again at sea bound for Naples which she arrived at on the 27th. 

The Saratoga Group again went to sea on 8 February for operational training including anti-submarine warfare with the USS Corporal (SS-346). These exercises continued until dropping anchor in Golfo Di Palmas, Sardinia on the 16th remaining overnight and returning to sea the next morning with the USS Shangri-La (CVA-38). Daily operations from Golfo Di Palmas continued until anchoring at Golfe Juan, France on the 25th. The 28th found Sumner back at sea operating with the USS Forrestal (CVA-59) and executing daily operation training from Golfe Juan.

On March 9th Sumner moored at Le Spezia, Italy with the Bigelow and USS Massey (DD-778) staying in port until the 11th. On the 13th the anchor was dropped in Golfo di Catania, Sicily for the day before returning the carrier operations with the Forrestal. Her Sixth Fleet operations complete, Sumner stopped at Pollensa Bay, Mallorca on the 19th before continuing on to Rota, Spain, which she entered on the 21st. The homeward voyage to Mayport began that evening and she tied up in Mayport on the 31st.

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