U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Memorial Ceremony - September 2000

The USS Allen M. Sumner held her 12th annual reunion Memorial Ceremony in September 2000 at the U. S. Navy Memorial in Washington, DC. Prior to the event, our shipmate Dan Coli contacted Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation in Richmond and asked if they would like to cover the event. The staff from their series, Virginia Currents, filmed the ceremony and produced a beautiful segment that is presented here for all to enjoy. Included in the piece are portions of the address made to us by the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark, and U.S. Navy Chaplain Captain Cooper's prayer. You will also hear the voices of many of our shipmates (Joe Gall, Jeff Clevenger, Steve Krajcik, Jesse Marney, Gene McManus, Bob Misiano, Dan Coli, David Holland, Bernie Goodman, Frank Castaldi, etc.) who were in attendance on this dreary but beautiful day. Playing time is 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

This film is presented with the courtesy of Virginia Currents produced by Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation, 23 Sesame Street, Richmond, Virginia. Many thanks and a Bravo Zulu to May-Lily Lee (Host), Shawn Freude (Producer), John G. Warner (Producer Videographer) and Lauralee Adams (Editor) for all their hard work.

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Click here to play the Virginia Currents Sumner Memorial Ceremony