U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Deployment to the Med - February to August 1958

 Our shipmate, Roy Varcoe, took his 8mm camera with him on the Sumner's deployment to the Sixth Fleet in 1958. After many years stored away, Roy had them converted to VHS. After one of our reunions, he sent the tape to us for inclusion in the website. It has taken quite a while to convert the tape to something that can be viewed on the Internet. What we now present are deployment highlights including segments from Genoa, Palma, Athens, Crete and Salonika. There are views of life at sea including underway replenishment, 3"/50 gunnery practice and highlining via Bosun's Chair. This is the real thing, unedited, without sound and "as it was." The total run playing time is 10 minutes and 52 seconds.

In order to view the film on your computer you must have the Real Player program installed on your PC. If you do not as yet have the software, it is available free by going to http://www.real.com. When you have reached the site you will find an entry on the screen which states "Free RealOne Player", click on this item and then follow the instructions to load it on your hard disk. Some of you may have to upgrade your current Real Player software to a newer version. This software was used as the total size of the traditional graphics file formats result in file sizes beyond what our site can process at this time. The result of this trade-off is a reduction in video quality. A normal VHS tape uses 30 frames per second to deliver the picture to you, the Real Player format only uses 7. Loading time and the smoothness of playback are very dependent on the speed and quality of your internet connection, so be patient!

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Many thanks to Roy for all his efforts in making these images a permanent part of our history!