U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692

Photographs (# images) Cruise Books (# pages) Sounds Movies (RealPlayer format)
The 40's  (473) 1948 Crew  (7) Sounds of Vietnam 1958 Med Cruise
The 50's  (1,237) 1953 World  (68) Sound Bytes 1959 underway refueling
The 60's & 70's  (2,968) 1958 Med  (43) General Quarters 1960 GITMO
Portraits  (130) 1959 Med  (42) SUMNER Arriving 1967 Vietnam War
Exterior Views  (25) 1962 Med  (50) Ship's Horn 2000 Memorial Ceremony
Interior Views  (106) 1964 Midshipman  (31) Sonar Pings
1965 Med  (56) Yankee Station
1967 WestPac  (64)

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