U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
News Release of our activity on May 15, 1967

Her Majesty’s Australian Ship HOBART and the U.S. Navy destroyer ALLEN M. SUMNER, acting as an allied unit of the Seventh Fleet on Operation Sea Dragon, destroyed two major communist concentrations of cargo barges and logistics craft during the past two days. A concentration was reported Sunday by aircraft of the carrier HANCOCK in the vicinity of Cap Lay and taken under fire by the two destroyers. The ships took position by surprise and destroyed 14 large cargo barges, six storage buildings, 2 loading platforms and damaged 16 more craft. In addition, the aircraft of the CVA HANCOCK destroyed six logistic craft and damaged 10 more. Five coastal defense sites in the immediate vicinity of the cargo concentration were taken under fire by the sea dragon units but no accurate estimate of damage could be made. No shore battery fire was observed by the destroyers. Monday was nearly a repeat of Sunday’s activities with the task unit locating a concentration of 20 craft. The ships made quick use of their 5 inch guns in destroying 15 transport barges ranging from 40 to 70 feet in length, 5 storage buildings, and damaging the remaining 5 craft. As the destroyers left the location, the aircraft of the CVA HANCOCK made their attack and completely destroyed four of the remaining 5 damaged vessels.
In later activity Monday, the allied units fired on a smaller group of waterborne logistics craft and four coastal defense sites. Two known logistic craft were damaged in the attack. No estimate of the damage to the coastal defense sites could be immediately made. Homeport for HMAS HOBART is Sydney, Australia, while the USS ALLEN M. SUMNER is homeported in Mayport, Florida. Both ships are presently serving under the tactical command of Captain W.B. ALTHOFF, Commander Destroyer Division 162.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV)
extracted from the Office of Information monthly press releases of June and August 1967

13 MAY (Saturday)   Naval Gunfire-North Vietnam  USS A. M. SUMNER and HMAS HOBART (DD) destroyed 3 watercraft, damaged 1, off Dong Hoi.
15 MAY (Monday)   Naval Gunfire-North Vietnam   USS A. M. SUMNER destroyed 15 barges just north DMZ.
19 MAY (Friday)      Naval Gunfire-Republic of Vietnam   Cruisers USS ST. PAUL and BOSTON, destroyers USS A. M. SUMNER, JOSEPH STRAUSS, FECHTELER and HMAS HOBART hit enemy artillery and gun positions in DMZ. St. PAUL, SUMNER, STRAUSS, FECHTELER, and HOBART received enemy shore battery fire. No damage or casualties to ships.
20 MAY (Saturday)   Naval Gunfire-North Vietnam   USS SUMNER and BARNEY destroyed 3 watercraft, damaged 5, north-north-west Dong Hoi.
31 JULY (Monday)   Naval Gunfire   DD SUMNER destroyed or damaged 12 positions 33 km south-east Quang Tri City.