U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Eric Bollin's Photograph Collection

Operation Sea Dragon & Yankee Station
April 6 to June 15, 1967

On Yankee Station, here operating with the USS Hancock (CVA-19) and the Fleet Oiler USS Passumpsic (AO-107)
Underway Replenishment from Stores Ship, Oilers, Reefers, etc. kept us bust day and night. The oiler above is the USS Kennebec (AO-36). The crates on deck may have been the "mail" we were asked to take to the USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)
The Lonely Sea
Operating with Task Force 77, the destroyer in the lower row is the USS Forrest B. Royal (DD-872), a part of DesRon 16
Our favorite partner on Operation Sea Dragon, the Australian HMAS Hobart (D-39) here refueling from the USS Guadalupe (AO-32) as we pull away from the starboard side.
The rescue of 1LT Ronnie Randolph USAF whose F4C had been shot down over North Vietnam on May 25th.
Another round of replenishments, this time with the USS Mars (AFS-1)
Ship's work never ends, we spent many a long day and night on these operations
June 12, Captain Beaman returns from the USS Sanctuary (AH-17) after successful surgery, Sumner Side Boys looking sharp!
Helicopter Operations brought us mail, spare parts and ammunition, they ferried personnel including our rescued pilot and CS1 O'Donnell suffering from a kidney stone. We even refueled one of the birds as it flew next to us with JP5.
What made it all work - The Crew
Jim Mullaney Back: Jan TenHoeve Front L-R: Jack Rihlman, Maurice Warren & Ken Musgraves
Front Row: Larry Allen, Ron Gray & Doug Harvey Roger Travis
?,?,?,?,? George Brock
Earl Taylor & Nathan T. Steen Carl Pease
Walter Spillman
Don Klaben Kelly Brown (before) Kelly Brown (after)
David Smith Jim Mullaney Harry Casey ?,?,?,?,? Closest: Frank DiBello
Kelly Brown (again)
Eric Bollin ?,? Billie Wheeler & Jim Beasley
Eric ready for Liberty
Harry Casey Kelly Brown (one more time)

Harry Casey

Bill Arroyo
Harvey Brinkley Maurice Warren

Richard Wicke

Steve Bishop David Smith Harry Casey Arthur L. Clarks

Many thanks to Maurice Warren for help with who is who. If you know who any the unidentified are, please let me know.