U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Other 60's & 70's Photos

General views from the 1960s and 1970s.

These two photos were taken by Steve Haidle from the HMAS Hobart (D39)

 On 10 May 1967 as Sumner is alongside the USS Diamond Head (AE-19) for munitions replenishment. Ahead of this group is the next stop, the USS Guadalupe (AO-32), where we will refuel. Out of the picture and ahead of the Guadalupe is the USS Mars (AFS-1) who will provide us with stores and food. These are the ships that kept us on station and ready for action during our time on Operation Sea Dragon.
Sumner patrols the glassy seas off North Vietnam in 1967.


Two cropped views of the Sumner on Operation Sea Dragon in June 1967 as seen
in the six image sequence below photographed from the USS Chandler (DD-717) by ETN2 Leo Belovitch


Sumner on Operation Sea Dragon as seen from the HMAS Hobart (D39)
Photo by Bevin Stringer, the Hobart's photographer. You can see more of his photo story of the Hobart's deployment at
http://home.iprimus.com.au /bevinstringer/

A beautiful view of the Sumner by PHCM L. P. Bodine off the coast of Hawaii in August 1967

Sumner entering Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1969
From Bill Gratza's collection

Sumner as she appeared in the Spring of 1968 before entering Charleston Navy Yard for overhaul.
This photo is from the Jan-Mar 2006 issue of Tin Can Sailors Newspaper and is an example of the photos
you may now purchase from TCS under their new program.

View of the Sumner alongside the USS Hancock (CVA-19) for refueling in April 1967 on Yankee Station thanks to Hancock crewman Charles Dehnert.

As seen by Jerry C. Karlik from the USS Farragut (DLG-6) during operations between Cuba and Puerto Rico in 1968.

A view from 1961 of Sumner entering Mayport, with the fireboat in front this may be
from when she initially changed homeport from Norfolk. Thanks to Ed Zajkowski.

Circa 1961-1962 view of the Sumner in an unidentified location thanks to
Ed Zajkowski.  If you recognize where this was taken please let us know.

View from the Sumner during the Vietnam Deployment in 1967.
Thanks to Mitchell Malpass for sending this image to us.