U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Overhaul and Drydocking

Destroyers are hard working ships that perform their missions in an extremely harsh environment. Winds, waves and salt all attack and affect the seaworthiness of these floating gun platforms. Approximately every two years the Sumner would enter a Naval Shipyard for what is known as an Overhaul.  This entailed repairing, replacing and upgrading the many systems that make her a fighting ship. Probably the most well known overhaul came in 1961, in Charleston, when she was extensively upgraded in the Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization (FRAM II) program. During these overhauls, and at other times when required, the Sumner would be removed from her water environment and placed in a drydock where the hull, external propulsion equipment and Sonar could be cleaned and maintained. The following is a listing of those Shipyards where these Overhauls were performed on the Sumner and the Drydock locations where she spent time out of the sea. This list includes all of these occurrences from commissioning to decommissioning.


Hunter's Point, CA - 1945
Bremerton, WA - 1946,1948
Philadelphia, PA - 1950,1955,1972
Boston, MA - 1952
Portsmouth, VA - 1957-1959
Charleston, SC - 1961-1965,1968

San Diego, CA
Hunter's Point, CA
Bremerton, WA
Brooklyn, NY
Guam, Marianas Islands
Philadelphia, PA
Portsmouth, VA
Boston, MA
Newport News, VA
Baltimore, MD
Charleston, SC
Toulon, France
Jacksonville, FL

Charleston Naval Shipyard News of August 2 1968
thanks to Robert Hall