U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)
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The Sentinel Newsletter

1989 Buffalo, NY
1990 Rochester, NY
1991 Washington, DC 
1992 Tidewater, VA 
1993 Charleston, SC 
1994 Portsmouth, RI
1995 Louisville, KY
1996 Corpus Christi, TX
1997 Myrtle Beach, SC 
1998 Niagara Falls, NY
1999 Baton Rouge, LA
2000 Washington, DC
2001 San Diego, CA
2002 Mobile, AL
2003 Mayport, FL
2004 Portland, ME
2005 Branson, MO
2006 Seattle, WA
2007 Milwaukee, WI
2008 Charleston, SC
2009 San Antonio, TX
2010 Pensacola, FL
2011 Buffalo, NY
2012 Norfolk, VA
2013 Colorado Springs, CO
2014 League City, TX
2015 Annapolis, MD
2016 Cleveland, OH
2017 Mayport, FL

  Reunion Memories and Plans

The 1998 Reunion at Niagara Falls
The 1999 Reunion at Baton Rouge
The 2000 Reunion at Washington, DC
The 2001 Reunion at San Diego
The 2001 Plaque Dedication at Washington, DC
The 2002Reunion at Mobile
The 2003 Reunion at Mayport
The 2004 Reunion at Portland
The 2005 Reunion at Branson
The 2006 Reunion at Seattle
The 2007 Reunion at Milwaukee
The 2008 Reunion at Charleston
The 2009 Reunion at San Antonio
The 2010 Reunion at Pensacola

The 2011 Reunion at Buffalo
The 2012 Reunion at Norfolk/Tidewater

The 2013 Reunion at Colorado Springs, CO
The 2014 Reunion at League City, TX
The 2015 Reunion at Annapolis, MD
The 2016 Reunion at Cleveland, OH
Preliminary plans for the 2017 reunion in Mayport