U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Scott Kopfstein's Photo Collection

  Scotty in front of the USS Power (DD-839), USS Perry (DD-844), USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD-713) and the USS Ault (DD-698) on November 13 1966.
The DASH ready for action in Mayport on September 24 1966.  
Following the USS Bigelow (DD-942) into the last of the Panama Canal Locks on February 12 1967.
OPS with the USS Wasp on December 10 1966. Out of the Canal on February 12 1967.
Choppy seas on the way to 'Nam March 6 1967.
Refueling off Mexico on February 17 1967. Refueling on December 2 1966.
  Scotty's buddy STGSN Frank C. Watson III on September 28 1966.
Scotty on September 26 1966. September 29 1966, 1st Division
Back row (L-R) TM3 Percy James Wilkins, SH3 Galen D. Sechrist, BM3 Luther Joe Carlisle , STGSN Frank C. Watson III , SN Richard J. Wetch, STGSN James E. Hooker and 
BM2 Eugene M. Stubblefield
In front SK2 Gary Lee Mayfield

SK2 Gary Lee Mayfield on September 26 1966.
January 30th 1967 - SM2 Thomas Wayne Kaaihue, SH3 Galen D. Sechrist and SN Richard J. Wetch. November 18th 1966 - SN Ralph S. Schaefer on top and (L-R) on bottom SN Frank P. DiBello, SN Sammy J. Van Hoose and TM3 Percy James Wilkins. November 18th 1966 - On top SH3 Galen D. Sechrist, middle row (L-R) SN Frank P. DiBello and SN Ralph S. Schaefer, bottom row (L-R) SA Daniel Leigh Coli , SN Sammy J. Van Hoose and TM3 Percy James Wilkins.
  (L-R) SA James W. Varner, Scotty, YN2 Larry Dean Ashley and SH3 David Lee Robson. (L-R) YN3 Gary M. Whitehead and Scotty  

Many thanks to Scott for loaning these pieces of our history