U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Ship's Deck Log Book

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The Official Deck Logs of the USS ALLEN M. SUMNER (DD-692) are presented here on a selected basis.  Click on the year of interest to begin viewing these documents of Sumner's storied history. Note that these are what are more commonly known as the "Smooth Logs" and were prepared daily from the "Rough Logs" that you remember seeing on the Quarterdeck in the Quartermaster's Notebook.  All of the "Rough Logs" have been destroyed, a real loss to history as they contained much valuable material. The following table lists the events that are normally recorded in the Deck Logs.

Accidents [material]
Accidents/Injuries [personnel]
Actions [combat]
Appearances of Sea/Atmosphere/Unusual Objects
Arrival/Departure of Commanding Officer Bearings [navigational]
Cable/Anchor Chain Strain Collisions/Groundings
Courts-Martial/Captain's Masts
Incidents at Sea
Meteorological Phenomena

Movement Orders
Movements [getting underway; course, speed changes; mooring, anchoring]
Prisoners [crew members captured by hostile forces]
Propulsion Plant Status changes
Receipts and Transfers [of Crew Members] Ship's Behavior [under different weather/sea conditions]
Sightings [other ships; landfall; dangers to navigation]
Soundings [depth of water]
Speed Changes
Tactical Formation
Time of Evolutions/Exercises/Other Services Performed

The complete Deck Logs are available through the Sumner Ship's Store on data disks. These data disks present the Deck Log pages in JPG format at 150 Dots Per Inch with an average pixel resolution of 1072 X 1750. Quality and content vary from year to year, however, these are unedited and as they currently appear in the National Archives collections at College Park, Maryland.