U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Ship's Patch - 1953 to 1961

RD3 James P. Dunlap

This original example was loaned to us by Larry Sheppard.  The Ship's Patch was designed by RD3 James P. Dunlap, in 1953, and he relates "I was on duty one slow night in CIC and either Captain's O'Rourke or McKinney saw me sketching and suggested I come up with some designs. The drawings were posted on the Quarter Deck and the crew voted for Woody. When the Sumner was in Japan, I took the art work of the patch to an embroiderer who made a patch for us."

The patch to the left is in cloth while the image on the right was is a drawing created by famed graphic illustrator John R. Barrett.

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