SOS ! We need your help in finding items that belong in OUR history.  SOS !

  Anything about SUMNER'S 1953 World Cruise and service in Korea - photos, memories, documents, etc.

  Anything concerning the decision to make SUMNER a memorial in Baltimore and the subsequent decision to scrap her.

  Anything from Sumner's time homeported in San Diego, we don't have anything from this period - photos, memories, documents, etc.

  During the early 1950's the muster lists for Officers was modified and first and/or middle names were no longer entered - only initials were used.  We need your help in updating these initials to their correct names - please see the crew musters for 1951-1952, 1953-1954 and 1955-1956.

  The NBC produced news segment filmed aboard SUMNER in JUNE 1967 on Operation Sea Dragon and aired about 6 July 1967 on TODAY and HUNTLEY/BRINKLEY, where can we obtain a copy?

  Any pictures, home movies, etc., of SUMNER at Tokyo Bay for the Surrender Ceremony aboard the USS MISSOURI.

  Any documents, photos, etc. from the Decommissioning Ceremony or her ultimate scrapping.

  If your job on the SUMNER is not included in the Our Jobs Page please write it up and send it in.

  We are always looking for Sea Stories of your time aboard the SUMNER.  They don't necessarily have to be funny, just unique or memorable experiences of your time aboard.

  Any item that would further the story of the SUMNER, the campaigns, the battles, the life we lived. No matter how trivial an item or recollection may seem to be, it is of value, please pass it down the line!


We THANK YOU in advance and look forward to your E-Mail.