U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
In Miniature

Shipmate Gary Jensen has built a 1/96th scale model of the FRAM II Sumner using a kit produced by BAD Ship Models, it is 47" long and very detailed.  It took Gary about a month to do the build and the result is exceptional.  Bravo Zulu Gary! BAD Ship Models also has a World War II version of the Sumner available, sure would love to see somebody build that one also. Here are some photos of Gary's work.

Mike Yongue built the Skywave 1:700 scale model of the Sumner for his uncle Jessie Thomas Yongue (MM1c 44-46).  The painting and diorama that Mike did really brings the model to life. He painted her in measure 31/16d which is probably as she appeared during the Lingayen Gulf kamikaze attack.  The kit can be found online at such sites as Great Models, Internet Hobbies and is usually found on E-Bay.

Will Crockett, age 74, of Florissant, Colorado over a period of 12 1/2 years of retirement time created a model of the Sumner in her World war II configuration. It is located at Naval Reserve Center at Ft. Carson, Colorado. It is approximately 7 feet in length and cost $11,885.84 to build. There are brooms on the deck, in passageways are fire extinguishers; and there are flags rolled up in the flag bags. The two smokestacks are made of 2x4s, covered with clear plastic and painted. The main deck may be lifted off to reveal a detailed interior. Even the huge display case was custom made to hold her. Many thanks to GSM2 Donald Soito USN who took the time to take the photos for us and to Tony Cowart for finding this Sumner treasure.

Al Ross is a master model builder and the photographs below show the result of his commission to capture in miniature the Sumner from the 1967 Vietnam Deployment.  The scale is 1/192, or about 2 feet in length, which results in a nice size for a fireplace mantel, book case, etc.

Al is ready to do a Sumner from the 40's and one from the 50's.   Give him a buzz.

Gary Carnot found a commercial model of the Sumner which he hopes to start building soon.  Here is the cover of the box in case you want to try and find one, note they are no longer in production.

The following pages are from the magazine Model Ship Builder and tell the story of John Emby's project in building a sea going version of the Sumner, just under six feet in length.  Thanks to Bill Wunderlin who sent this on to us.

Paul van Hoften, an avid model builder from the Netherlands, constructed a replica of the FRAM II version of the Sumner in 1984. It is currently in drydock as Paul is making many revisions and additions based on Chuck Morrell's plans and photos throughout our site.  He will be keeping us up to date as he nears the new launching of his Sumner.

During construction

Superstructure detail

Chris Davis is constructing a 1/96th scale Sumner that will be radio controlled. The following photos show the initial work on the hull and deck superstructure.  Note than the crew seen working on the main deck may not be actual people!

Chris also sent us some photos of Mr. George's 1/96th (about 4 feet) scale radio controlled model of the AMS in World War II camouflage  and armament configuration. And a photo of a WWII configuration model, builder unknown.

Shipmate Thomas Rodriguez (WT3 45-49) had a model of the Sumner that is made from wood and plaster. Thanks to his son for sending us the following photographs. If you have an knowledge of story behind the construction of this model please let us know.

Greg Vigle sent in the model of the Sumner contained in the commercial game Axis and Allies War at Sea: Condition Zebra. The ship is 2 1/2" long so the detail, what there is, is quite small.

Shipmate Eric Bollin sent in a view of his grandson Halen on board the battleship USS Massachusetts in Fall River Massachusetts standing in front of their model of the Sumner.