U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Keeping up with the Fleet
By Ed Izzi

Ed Izzi keeps us up to date with the goings on in the Active Fleet, the latest Navy news and the status of the ships of the US Navy,
including from the Navy Times

 26 November 2014

1. Bye Bye Ensign Biden. Ensign Hunter Biden was discharged from the naval reserves after failing a standard drug test in Feburary.

 2. Status of the force:

Active duty-325,143
Ready Reserves-107,355
Selected Reserve-59,254
Reservists Mobilized3,292
Ships Deployed-99

3. Fleet to shift 3 ships to Japan .The USS Benfold will leave its west coast home port in the summer of 2015 to Yokosuka Japan. The USS Barry will leave Norfolk VA early 2016 and replace the USS Lassen in Yokosuka, the Lassen will go to Mayport Florida. The BMD-capable USS Milius will head to a port in Japan in 2015. All 3 ships will complete midlife modernizations prior to making the switch.

4. CNO demands shorter deployments- Deployments have been pushing beyond the 8 month mark. As stated by others it will be very difficult for the navy to bring deployment down to seven months unless key fleet officers lessen on the demand of world problems.

5. During our Nam cruise we had over 630 ships world wide now we have 290 and have the same area to serve. But our new ships are faster, better built and have better firepower. Here’s some ships and where they are serving:

1. Seabees from Bat. 133 (Gulfport MS) - Africa building a 22 million dollar hospital.
2. Eastern Pacific – USS Nimitz
3. California – USS Ronald Regan
4. Western Atlantic - USS Theodore Roosevelt
5. South China Sea - Amphibious Assault Ship Peleliu