U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The Paper Trail

The original Enlistment Contract
NAVPERS 601-1 The Reenlistment Contract
Orders to report to the USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)
Pers 82-20 Transfer Record
TAD Verification
A page from the Ship's Personnel Diary
DD 214 N - Report of Discharge
Some of what you get when writing for your service record
Occupation and Training History
Draft Board Registration card and the Draft Board Classification card
Civilian experience and rate placement testing
Completion of your 3 & 2 correspondence course
Graduation Certificate from Fleet Training Schools
Graduation certificate from Navy Service School
NAVPERS 1616/5 Performance Evaluation
Results from the Naval Examining Center
Dental - Standard Form 603
Immunization Record - Standard Form 601
Certificate of Advancement in Rate
BUPERS 601 - History of Assignments
NAVPERS 601-13 Administrative Remarks Examples: 1 2 3
NAVPERS 601/82-78 - AOL/Court records: 1 2 3
Leave Authorization
DD(N)-345 Liberty Card
A letter of Commendation
DD 4 - Naval Reserve Enlistment Contract
NAVPERS 1070/621 - Agreement to Extend Enlistment
NAVPERS 601 - Record of Naval Reserve Service
Letters to our families from the Captain
Notice of Separation and Certificate of Satisfactory Service
The Final Papers tell a story
Jeff Clevenger's transfer to the Fleet Reserve - Front  Back
Civilians behind the scenes, my Dad
The Honorable Discharge

Thanks to Walt Meierdierks, Norm Ostroy, Mike Raatjes, John D. Smith, Ernie Dauzat, Ron Babuka, Joe Gall, Jeff Clevenger, Frank Dibello and the National Personnel Records Center for supplying us with some of the many forms that made up our paper trail.

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