U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
Touchable Memories

Richard Ritter's Radio Room Message Board

Don Marion's Lucky Coin

Don Marion's Stateroom Plaque
Gene Gardner's CIC Helmet
David Holland's liberated souvenir
Gene Gardner's memory of the Ward Room
Bill Gratza's Zippo
Gary Carnot's
 Webmaster's Zippo
from 1967
Bill Gammon's Zippo
from the mid 1950's 
Tatsuya Fujii's Zippo - now in Japan
Valentines Day gift from Ships Store
Tie Tac from Ships Store
Matchbook cover - details unknown
Norm Ostroy's matchbook cover
Modern Memorabilia

 Frank Presfield's Missouri truck tag!

and Duffy Duffield's new Florida tag!
Mort Surber had to settle for a different sequence....thanks Duffy!
and Walt Meierdierks' North Carolina tag but he moved to Georgia and now it's mine ! 
and Bob Hibbert's Virginia tag!
and Roman Dymerski's Idaho tag!
and John Barrett's specially made front tag!

Do you have souvenirs of the ship that you would be willing to share?   Please let us know with an E-Mail today!