U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
The 40's

The collection of Bill Babuka (44-46) including 7 images, home from Boot Camp, profiles of the ship in World War II configuration, his ID Card and Shellback Certificate.
The collection of Ed Bassingthwaite (44-45) including a crew image from the Commissioning and another of Liberty Call

 The collection of Charlie Blackburn (44-46) including 26 images from life with the Signal Gang at home and ashore
The collection of Richard Blunt (44-45) including two images of his buddies and the key to the Gyro Compass

The collection of Glenn Burdett (45-46) including 19 images of the gang at work, the Ship's Dance and a postcard for Mom

The collection of Captain Thomas C. Edrington III (47-48) including 8 images the Visitor Handout from Navy Day 1946, Christmas menu from 1947 and a ship's profile from 1947

The collection of Ed Eidt (47-48) including 72 images from the 1947 Fleet Deployment to Australia and China

The collection of Vins Holbrook (44-45) including 3 images from Liberty in New York City and an article about the Battle of Ormoc Bay

The collection of Lee Jensen (44-45) including Boot Camp, Lee's notebook and his commendation

The collection of Steve Krajcik (44-45) beginning with a photo taken at dinner in New York the day after the ship was commissioned

The collection of Don Laufer (46-49) including 22 images of shipmates and the 1947 Equator Crossing ceremony

The collection of Jesse Marney (43-46) including 16 scenes from Bermuda, Pearl Harbor, the holidays in San Diego, reunions past and some spare change from the Occupation of Japan
The collection of Don Mittendorf (46-47) including 93 images with 1947 visits to Australia, Japan, China, Truk and Manila with many identified shipmate images both ashore and afloat.

The collection of Al Payne (46-47) including 26 images from the WestPac cruise of 1947, Hawaii, Sydney and the Equator Crossing Ceremony

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The collection of Arne Schumacher (46-47) including 56 images from Operation Crossroads, overhaul in Bremerton, Sydney, Guam, the '47 WestPac cruise and the Equator revealed

The collection of Richard Sementelli (44-46) including 13 images from the commissioning ceremonies, ship's dance and Longview, Washington

The collection of Dan Sullivan (43-46) including 7 images from the commissioning ceremonies, a profile of Sumner in World War II dress, ID cards and an Officer group shot

The collection of Bob Sumrall (71-72) including 11 official U.S. Navy Photos from the Launching, commissioning period, shake down period, Hunter's Point, '67 Hawaii and '68 Caribbean

The collection of John Barry Vigle, Jr. (45) including 53 pieces of memorabilia including V-Mail, a visit to Tokyo and his letters home

 The collection of George Weakland (44-45) including 3 images of George and his shipmates

Images from other sources, currently 38 images are included

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