U.S.S. Allen M. Sumner DD-692
World War II

The 692 in Battle Dress

Congratulatory message from USS O'Brien
(DD-725) after the Battle of Ormoc Bay

Congratulatory message from CTG 77.3 after a day in the Lingayen Gulf Landings, many Thanks to Gene McCormick and his grandson Mike who scanned and forwarded these Congratulatory Messages

Track chart of the Allen M. Sumner's movements during the Second World War

3/7-4/6/44 - Shake-down training at Bermuda.

8/21-25/44 - Escort for the USS Missouri (BB-63) and USS Alaska (CB-1) from Norfolk to Trinidad.

9/8-14/44 - Escort USS West Virginia (BB-48) from San Pedro to Pearl Harbor.

10/23-30/44 - Escort USS North Carolina (BB-52) from Pearl Harbor to Ulithi.

11/11/44 - Participated in airstrikes on enemy shipping in Visayan and Camotes Sea Areas, P.I.  Ship served as Task Group escort.

11/13-14/44 - Participated in air strikes on enemy shipping, airfields and shore installations in Central and Southern Luzon, P.I.  Ship served as Task Group escort.

11/22/44 - Participated in air strikes on targets on Yap Island, Western Caroline Islands.  Ship served as Task Group escort.

12/2-3/44 - Participated in Destroyer Division night strike on shipping in Ormoc Bay, Leyte, P.I. area.  Under continuous air attack for three hours.

12/12-18/44 - Participated in Operation Love Three, the landings on Southern Mindoro, P.I. and covering transports through Surigao Strait, Mindanao Sea and Sulu Sea.

1/2-13/45 - Participated in Operation Mike One, the bombardment and clearing operation, in preparation for landings, in Lingayen Gulf area, Luzon, P.I.  LT Colombus L. Newburn's story of his rescue by Sumner. Struck by a Kamikaze on the 6th.

1/18/45 - Crossed the Equator on this date on a southern crossing.

8/16/45 - VJ Day - Victory over Japan, the Captain's Victory Speech and the Sumner's Newspaper.

Aug-Sept-Oct 1945 Served with Naval Forces in the initial occupational on Honshu, Japan.

Letter home from CGM Leslie H. Vories
postmarked Tokyo Bay - the war is over!

Additional World War II Sumner Information

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